Saint Pope John Paul II


The old pope, the one that died back in 2005, use to flog himself.  Yes, he would lock himself in his room and whip himself, good.  To pay for his sins.

No wonder the church is so fucked up, they spend their time beating up on the kids (I got plenty of floggings by the catholics) and then late at night they spend time beating up themselves.

What a warped stupid system that is.  As if life isn’t dreadful enough as it is, as if there isn’t enough violence perpetrated against other people that you need to whip out your heavy duty rosary beads and strike yourself silly.

He’s no saint, he was a madman.

I wonder if it gave him an erection.

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2 Responses to Saint Pope John Paul II

  1. Mikey Bear says:

    Given the history of the catholic church I’m sure he’d be able to find a few implements of torture with which to administer a little self abuse for personal gratification.

    What’s more, I bet Sister Sobodka had a glass to the door listening in attentively whilst stimulating her unplucked wagine.