Another Crazy Catholic is Smug

[SOURCE] Sacerdotus left a message on my blog on Christmas day, I only just read it today, and then went off to visit the website of said Sacerdotus. The blogger is catholic and seems to have the jesus virus bad, and loves the pope.  Lots. One of the recent entries is about LGBT.  Let’s have a read!

“LGBT” is an acronym that lists the different categories of identities within the homosexual umbrella – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transsexual.  However, I want to transform it into something better. LET GOD BE THERE.

Oh, I see what you did there, I suppose you think you’re clever!

I invite my brothers and sisters in the homosexual community to allow God to work in their lives.

I’m not your brother and I dismiss your faith as irrelevant.  There is no god to work in your life or my life.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of animosity between the LGBT community and what they are told God is.  The Old Testament does have harsh words regarding homosexual behavior.  Catholicism and other Christians speak out against homosexuality with such fervor that we are sometimes looked upon as bigots of hateful people.

You are bigots and hateful people. All the way up to your pope who blames gay people for all sorts of things wrong with the world.  And the old testament doesn’t just have harsh words, it wants to put gay people to death.  Go check.

In reality, we are neither   We are merely calling all to live in accordance with the natural law which is ordained by God.

Well good for you, now fuck off and keep it to yourself.  You are in no position to ‘merely call’ anyone to live in accordance with the natural law.  God and natural law have no right being in the same sentence.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual feelings are not a sin.  It is a sin when they are acted upon.

Sin is such a christian thing.  There is nothing wrong with having sex and there is no such thing as sin.

We still do not know what exactly causes some to be homosexuals.

Causes?  Who cares, the reality is that we have people from all over the world and all through time who are gay.  The cause is of no importance to those people.  Being able to live without fear is important.

 Psychologists are stuck on the issue and feel it is a combination of nature and nurture.  No homosexual gene has been discovered and for the most part, a homosexual’s brain is pretty much the same as a heterosexual’s in regards to function.

No heterosexual gene has been discovered either.  Nor a gene for being a douche.  Your quip about people’s brains sort of borders on saying that there is something wrong with the brain of a homosexual person.  How rude!

In any event, homosexuals are not strange or evil people.  Yes, some may act a big strange or may be different – we all are different.  This does not give anyone the right to bully them or attack them in any shape or form.  They are God’s children.  Jesus died for them and opens His heart to them as He would anyone else.

And here you are, allowing your pope to blame us for the destruction of the family.  Here you are suggesting that if we so much as touch the wobbly bits of a same-sex partner we are doomed to burn for all eternity in a hell created by your god who supposedly loves us.  We are attacked, vilified and harassed by well meaning catholics and you still don’t get it.

We as believers in God must attack the behavior, not the people.   Homosexuality is not a sentence to hell, but can be an opportunity for grace.  The Catholic Church calls all to chastity, including married couples.  This may seem hard, but it is not impossible.  One of our greatest minds and saints, St. Augustine of Hippo said in his Confessions, “Lord make me chaste – but not yet!”

Chaste?  Why should I give up sex?  I’m simply not going to, and a whole bunch of people, gay and otherwise see through this sort of control.  Then there is the loving threat that we get from catholics.  Homosexuality is not a sentence to hell!  but mind you, if you don’t accept grace and turn from your sinful ways then that’s where you’ll end up.  In hell, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.

JesusGayOur sexuality is important and is very powerful.  How else can human beings reproduce if they cannot even get close to a partner?  This is why sexual drive is so powerful in us.  It stems from the “be fruitful and multiply” command of God.  However, we should not be the sum of our sexuality.  Our sexual drive should not define us or control us.  This is why we have intellect, conscience, will and reason.

You’ll be pleased to know that sexual drive does not define most of us.  You’ll be delighted to know that it has been like forever since sex was only about reproducing.  In fact, humanity has gone out of its way to find ways to prevent the sperm and egg from coming together to make a baby!  People have sex because it’s fun.  It has very little to do with the actual breeding.  Even the catholics have been smart enough to work that out and they too have found ways to cheat the falling pregnant thing.  (Think rhythm  method or the Billings method).  Gay people are not the sum of their sexuality.  They too have jobs, families and hobbies, they don’t just fuck all day long.

God is the designer of our bodies.  Only He knows how to work them and control them that is why we must pray to God to help us whenever we are tempted to do unchaste things.

We the people more and more understand how the body works.  The designer of the bodies that you claim is one fucked up designer.  Why put nails on toes that can be ingrown?  Why allow teeth to rot and hurt?  Why make sex so good and then insist that people not do it?  Your god seems to have fallen asleep during the design meetings.

Unfortunately, those homosexuals who “come out” and show no remorse for their actions become slaves to their sexuality.  They categorize each other as “tops, bottoms, versatiles.”  They are no longer persons, but instruments of sexual gratification.  They categorize themselves as “fems, butch, twinks, bears.”  They are no longer persons, but objects that one can pick and choose based on one’s desires.

Sex is sex.  It’s good, you should try it.  There is no reason for gay people not to come out.  Why would there be a need for any remorse?  It helps to know the type of person you’re having sex with, what do they like?  Saves a lot of hassle later on.  And whether you like it or not, sex is about gratification.  Sure, sometimes it’s about love, I love my love llama, we have gratification sex and we have lovely sex too, quite often at the same time.  What’s important is that we want to share the good times together.  Sounds mighty fine to me.

God intended more for homosexuals than what they do among themselves.  Unfortunately, sexual desires can be so strong that it can blind one from seeing God’s plan and the dignity of oneself and of others.

How would you know what your god intends?  And the sexual desire, regardless of sexuality, is strong in some people.  However, this particular catholic seems to be suggesting gays are so sex-crazed that they do nothing else.

It is not the end of the world.  Prayer can help.  Let God Be There my gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transsexual brothers and sisters.  He will help you in life.  He will answer your question: Why am I this way? He will help you to discover your true self so that you can take charge of your life and not be the sum of your sexuality. Gay people are not “tops, bottoms, versatiles, fems, butch, twinks or bears;”  they are not objects for others to enjoy sexually.  They are human beings worthy of love, respect and dignity.  They are God’s children who are in the same struggle as everyone else. The LGBT might seem to be a lost sinful case, but that is not so:  “…where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” Romans 5:20

The only person prayer helps is you.  It helps you think you’re doing something useful while being completely useless.  Sexuality for most people is actually a very minor part of their whole being.  It’s only the people on the outside that have a perception of gay people being obsessed by it.  It’s possible to be a sex object and be a worthwhile human while showing love, respect and dignity for your ‘sex object’.  It really is. This ongoing self-righteous crap that religious people embark upon with an air of ‘truth’ is what’s wrong with the world.  It’s the catholics who think they are the ones with the truth who show no humility and parade themselves around like a prostitute in an Amsterdam brothel.  They no more have the truth or the answers to the universe than I do. The arrogance of non-gay catholics to attempt to impose their world view on others is staggering.  They pretend to do it with love and grace from god, but the reality is that they do it from some deep-seated need to feel superior and ‘saved’. The lot of them can take their religion and shove it up the pope’s clacker with a pointy stick and a flagon of altar wine.

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  1. dcarm85 says:

    Not to mention the whole issue about transgender people actually having specific and consistent differences in areas of their brains. So even allowing the LGB stuff, if we step into a world where God *does* exist, he clearly “designed” these people to experience gender dysphoria, and your choices are for Him to be a sadistic bastard, for the Devil to be able to thwart God’s design, or for it (gender change) to actually be the way that God intended it all along.