Spink Thinks Satan Plays Football


Cameron Spink, born again christian, sole author of the Resistance Thinking website and a married man who protests way to much about gay people has been at it again, blogging about stuff that he really should keep quiet about least people seriously question his own sexuality.

The AFL has always attempted to be the more progressive of the football codes. It is like the hipster who tries so hard to be popular. So in a new attempt to show how progressive and inclusive they are on a social issue a “gay pride game” is being suggested. Sydney v Hawthorn (the two grand finalist’s from this year) is being touted as a “gay pride game”

This is a good thing.  It’ll help some young people come to terms with their sexuality and might even help some people understand that sexuality is diverse and be should be treated with respect.

One might be forgiven in thinking that the AFL is overcompensating for the fact that not one single player has ever “come out of the closet” and admitted to being a homosexual. Being that there are over six-hundred players in the AFL it is entirely possible that a few players are homosexual. Yet not one has put up their hand and outed themselves. If the AFL is so inclusive surely there should be somebody who’d be willing to tell the truth. After all, the other football codes have had players revealed to be homosexual of their own volition, why not the AFL?

That’s a good question.  Of course there are players who are gay.  Why don’t they declare this publicly?  Could it possibly be that the environment is not conducive to being gay.  It’d be great if the AFL made attempts to discuss that issue, much like they do with other forms of vilification.  The fact that not a single AFL player has declared their sexuality shows that the AFL needs to do more work.

It may be that there still is some animosity against homosexual players in the AFL. So despite the organizations attempts against “homophobia” they are failing to make an impact. Of course my hope is not that they succeed in such a venture but that they reassess their ignorant encouragement of something that they obviously have very little knowledge about.

Ignorant encouragement? Little knowledge about?  This coming from a christian who bases his life on a book written over 2,000 years ago about imaginary figures.  Spinksy thinks that it’s ok to hate gay people because that book says so.

Indeed, it is disturbing how the AFL is getting involved in a social issue (even more disturbing that they have got this issue so blatantly wrong) of which they have no right to have an opinion about. Furthermore they are propagating a destitute lifestyle through aggressive tolerance.

The AFL is in a strong position to be involved in social issues.  They have the opportunity to be great role models to young people.  To show acceptance and inclusion for people from all walks of life.  Of course they should have an opinion.

I’m pleased to report that my lifestyle is not destitute, far from it.  Aggressive tolerance?  Whatever that means.  What is important is that I’m able to move around the community, participate and enjoy life without fear.  There is nothing wrong with having sex with someone of the same-sex.  There really isn’t.  To say that it’s a destitute lifestyle is a clear indication of internalised homophobia that Spinksy should be seriously looking at with the assistance of some professionals.

There are a group of advocates behind these changes in the AFL (beyond Demetriou and his staff). One such person is Jason Ball, a player in the Yarra Glen Football Club, who has been campaigning for change. No surprises why he is one of the instigators of change. Ball is a homosexual who believes players at AFL level need more support if they are going to announce their same-sex attraction.

Ball has done a fantastic job by role modelling his own experience in coming out.  You know what?  His team mates at the Yarra Glen Football Club didn’t care, they did change the way they use vilifying terms about gay people as suddenly they had a bit of empathy.  They understood the impact of their words.

Apparently it is not enough that the AFL is openly hostile against anybody who questions their inclusive policies. I remember when doing a coaching course a couple of years ago there were sections outlined in the brochure that specified that coaches must remain impartial and make no comment regarding the sexuality of any player.

The AFL is not openly hostile at all.  They are insistent that players, coaches and administrators follow their policies, but they don’t simply toss out those that question.  They encourage them to change.  Not hostile at all.  It also makes sense to remain impartial.  It’s about playing football, and people should respect each other for their ability to play the game, not use race, sexuality or religion as a form of abuse.

It must be said that there are issues at club level regarding derogatory terms. The use of the word “gay” is abused. Yet since the “gay rights” movement has contorted and abused it already I feel no sympathy towards those who argue for the “homophobic” comments like “that’s so gay” to stop at club level. If they are offended by hearing these comments then I am offended by their very offence.

Spinksy has no issue with verbal abuse levelled at gay people.  A complete lack of empathy on his part.  In fact, he says that he’s offended because people object to vilification based on sexual orientation.  How very christian of him.

Yet for some this is not enough, they seek to for the full acceptance which would be established by AFL players being open about their sexuality. Much like the same-sex marriage debate it is not equality that is at stake for these people but acceptance.

Yes, acceptance.  The ability to take your same-sex partner to the Brownlow medal thingy, acceptance to hug and kiss your same-sex partner in public, and then acceptance for the supporters to bring their partners to games to enjoy each other by doing what couples do.  Kiss, hug and share the love.

I am convinced that a complete acceptance will be forthcoming in the AFL very soon. They went astray so long ago that their progressive-leaning has become obvious to all. If we are to look at Paul’s condemnatory comments in Romans 1 one can’t help but feel that the AFL are breeding supporters and administrators who are “approving”. We must not be complicit in the encouragement of sin.

Does this mean that Spinksy will be giving up football?  He’s a big footy fan you know. On his personal blog he posts lots of  football stuff.


We must pray without ceasing that God will shine through the lies of Satan and touch those enslaved by sin, as we once were.

Melbourne80sThat’s it.  Pray.  Pray the gays away.  It makes him feel better to pray and not do something practical  like take his support away.  Remove all AFL blogs, start a Facebook page to force the AFL to stop what they’re doing.  Why doesn’t he? Because he doesn’t want to give up football.

There are people within the AFL fraternity who believe that it is an imperative to quash all “homophobia” and “bigotry”.

It’s not limited to the AFL, people the world over want to stop homophobia and bigotry.  Spink shows exactly the sort of hatred that needs to stop.  He is suggesting that gay people are ‘enslaved by sin’ and that satan is responsible for that.  He is actually suggesting that satan is behind this push at the AFL to address homophobia in sport.  What’s his answer?  Pray.

The signs point to a more aggressive push to normalise homosexuality. We must speak clearly that we were designed as heterosexuals and this is a very powerful thing. Let none diminish its significance.

I’m not designed as a heterosexual.  I’m not designed as a homosexual either.  My sexuality is but a small part of me.  There is nothing wrong with encouraging people to be more accepting of others.  Sexuality has a big range of ‘normal’. What isn’t normal is pretending that somebody (or something) designed you.

I don’t care whether Spinksy thinks he’s designed.  He believe what he likes.  I do object to christians like him that pretend that they have all the answers, but more specifically I object to their attempts to force their beliefs on the rest of the world.  A world which simply doesn’t agree with their mindset.  Spink and his ilk attempt to control others by forcing their world view on us.  They do this by pretending that they alone have the truth.  No amount of common sense approach will work with them.  The radical fundamentalists think that being gay is the work of satan.  How bad is that?  From this work of satan, they then extend that to block any attempt to treat GLBTQI people as evil that must be saved.  When you tell them every so politely to fuck off they get offended and claim that their right to practice their religion is being infringed.

I don’t care who Spink has sex with, nor do I want to change that.  I don’t want him to marry a man.  I don’t care that he might have some internal dilemma about his god and his sexuality. What I do care about is the impact homophobia and bigotry has on me, my love llama, my friends, Jason Ball and every man at the AFL that may not be freely able to fully be part of the team. As role models, the AFL players can have an impact on young people, and if through their actions a Pride Match helps, then even the likes of me that hates football will get behind it.

Communicating with Spink is difficult.  He doesn’t allow comments on his blog, but you could shoot him an email at admin@resistancethinking.com.  Maybe you can leave a comment on his personal blog at http://cameronspink.com/.  Let him know that you don’t care too much for his attitude.

The time for fairy tales has come to an end.  There is no god, there is no satan.  There are however people with a huge diversity.  They deserve respect.  We must speak clearly that we get one life and we need to share widely how powerful acceptance is.  Let none diminish another’s significance.

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3 Responses to Spink Thinks Satan Plays Football

  1. Vmars says:

    A couple of things, you say you don’t care what Cameron believes, I disagree. I think you do.

    Secondly, from a Christians perspective, if we believe Christ is the truth and the only way to redemption is through Him, then it would be hateful not to share this news.

    Also there is a difference to beleiving an act is wrong and a hating a person/group of people.

    Prayer is a powerful tool.

    Lastly, I would like to leave you with this quote from the Bible “If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied.” (1 Cor 15:19 ESV)

    • Bruce says:

      Thanks Vmars.

      I don’t care what Spink believes. I should know whether or not I do.

      I dismiss your claim to christ being anything. It’s a fantasy, and needs to be rejected outright. You are not spreading news you are spreading false hope.

      Your distiction between an act and people doing the act is misplaced. There is nothing wrong with being gay or engaging in same-sex sex.

      Prayer is a useless activities that achieve nothing. It is not a tool, apart from keeping christians busy.

      Quotes from the bible are just silly.