Sacerdotus’s war against Humanity!


I’ve been looking at Sacerdotus’s website.  It’s full of religious rubbish and a lovely place to visit when you need a laugh!

He thinks atheism is a crime against humanity – and includes these little bits of drivel.

stayawayAtheists like to pride themselves in being “rational” and “logical.” They measure all things against “reason” and “logic” in order for it to be truthful and valid for assimilation. In a sense, they imitate Star Trek’s Spock, or his Vulcan race which applies and lives by logical premises. In the Star Trek series, we see how Spock despite his intelligence, always struggles to understand even the simplest of things. Star Trek always presents the human being as the real smart one despite having “human qualities” that may appear inferior to other intergalactic species.

Logic and reason are fine. They serve us well. The key word is ‘serve.’ These concepts exist to benefit us, not the other way around. We do not exist to be logical or rational in a sense. To be human is to sometimes do the opposite of what logic and reason tells us. This is how we experience “thrills.” This is how we learn. In a world that is stoic in nature, we would not have amusement parks, music, dancing and other forms of entertainment. We would find those “illogical.” Any such attempt to try these activities would go against one or more logical premises.

Concepts such as emotions, affection and love would not fit in a logical world. They cannot be measured empirically and are based on introspection so they must be disposed of. It is no wonder why Spock’s race stresses the purging of all emotion. Emotion is seen as irrational and illogical. The Vulcans in the series often mock human being’s for possessing this “inferior” trait that, according to them, makes them unfit.

Atheism is on the road to this absurdity and repression of humanity. In a world where atheists would dictate rules and scripts for society, we would see the mental state of individuals plummet. People will be repressed and will go mad without the ability to use imagination and abstract thought. Ironically, the Vulcans at a certain age go mad due to repressed emotion and “Vulcan nature.”

The vision that atheism and humanism have for the human being is not a good one. It is one deprived of humanity. It is a pseudo version of human nature that is destructive.

I wonder if Sacerdotus worked that out all by himself.  It seems that he thinks that Atheists don’t have feelings or can’t be creative.  Somebody should have told Douglas Adams that.  The worlds he created in his mind and then on paper were off beat, devoid of logic and reason.

The notion that somehow Atheists are incapable of emotion or that somehow we are always rational and logic is flawed.  We are human too.  What we aren’t is delusional about our place in the universe.

This is the same old stereo type we hear from religious nutters all the time.  Because we don’t believe in a god we must be devoid of joy.  We must not have any fun, and we have no hope.  We’re not upset because somebody dies, we don’t care if someone hurts and there is no reason for us to be good as we’ll never be held accountable for our actions.

I’m a happy atheist, at times irrational and slightly unhinged, just ask the Love Llama.  I love music, 80’s stuff mostly, but thrive on Jazz and classical music.  I love to read and I love an amusement park.  Clearly I must have a touch of the gays.  Yes, that’d be it.  Gay and atheist, bound to lead to a superior feeling of happiness with the world.

 VMAT2 shows that we are hard wired to seek God and the supernatural. Our brains are wired to think beyond this universe and into the unknown. Philosophy, religion, music, art, even physics and mathematics would not exist if we suppress this part of our mind to look beyond the physical.

Atheism does not seek to suppress those things, silly.

Atheism would be a crime against humanity. It will destroy the human race completely, or leave it incapacitated biologically and psychologically speaking.

The human race will be destroyed by some deluded christian who thinks the end times are upon them.  We’ll disappear in a puff of smoke because nobody was game enough to say “enough!”.

There is no god, there is no supernatural.  There is plenty of art, music and philosophy.  Atheists can and do take part in all those things, because they want to.  Not because some god told them to.

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