Blood on the Floor!


Get a load of this – a priest blogging about children lining up in church and being given a wafer and a sip of wine.  To the catholics this is seen as eating the body and drinking the blood of jesus.  How nice.

“Even if you don’t like the taste,” I told them, “remember that it won’t really be wine at Mass. It will look the same and taste the same, but it will be the Precious Blood of Christ.

So, it looks the same as wine, tastes the same as wine, but really its blood of a someone who died 2000 years ago?  Or, if it looks like wine, tastes like wine then it’s probably wine.

Then there’s a little bit about not drinking the wine from the cup, but sticking the wafer into the wine and eating that.

So I explained to the children that the Catholic Church doesn’t allow that, because the Precious Blood might drip onto the floor.

Better on the floor than being pissed into a toilet and flushed away with shit I guess.  But as jesus commands.

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After the magic words, this is the real flesh of jesus

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