The Body of Christ – Silly Catholic Rules


You know that little bit of white stuff that priests get all excited about?  No, not that, the cracker thing.  Well apparently it’s supposed to be made from wheat.

Church law “calls for the host to be wheat and wheat only” because Jesus ate wheat bread with his apostles before his Crucifixion

The little white disk, so the catholics think, is turned into the body of jesus when the priest says the magic word.

So, if you happen to have

celiac disease, a condition in which eating wheat gluten can cause severe damage to the intestines

You can’t be catholic.  So there.

If you’re 11 years old and about to pop a bit of jesus into your mouth and you get told you can’t imagine the disappointment.

“She was pretty upset about it,” Beth Sisson said. “I think she was afraid people would think she wasn’t Catholic if she didn’t take the host.”

Give me a break.  Are you really serious?  So, for this little bit of cracker to turn into the body of the dead jesus it has to be made of wheat and it has to have the priest say the right magic words.

In 1995, the Vatican said low-gluten hosts are valid if they hold enough gluten to make bread. Worshippers wanting the low-gluten option were required to present a medical certificate and obtain a bishop’s approval.

Now that’s seriously crazy shit.  Why any one would want to belong to a church run by bunch of pathetic old men who have time to actually think about what the little white thing is made of.  Not only are they thinking about it, they’re actually passing church law and making grand decisions about how much wheat is needed to make it ok for the magic trick.

Poor little 11 year old.  Next she’ll find  out there is no Santa.



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