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So, watch this:

Spot on Pat.
Mikey Bear posted that video on his Facebook Page, and there were some comments that the Llama smiled nicely at.

Then along came Richard Olsen – former atheist and defender of the faith.  He got a bit upset with this fine Llama and then deleted his comments.

I hate that.

So here’s the bits and pieces:

  • Richard Olsen

    I have to say, I’m sort of shocked. Being a former atheist myself, I can say that all it seems to add to humanity is negativity. Religion gives one thing that is very important to all of humanity. Community. To paint all religious people as… extremists is being petty. I have utmost respect as a former atheist for the likes of Pat and his “opinions” but only if he expresses them as his opinions. Otherwise, he’s just some lonely old man sitting in a seat, pointing his crooked finger at the world and proclaiming “You’re all wrong”. If that’s what he prefers, more power to him. I’ll choose the road that brings community while using a little bit of common sense and a dash of healthy cynicism.
  • Bruce Llama Richard, community exists without religion. You can do good works without the need for any religion. If you really had any cynicism you would reject the notion of anything supernatural and get on with your life. As Pat says in this video, he’s still waiting for some sort of evidence to be provided, anything at all would do, and don’t try to present any transcendental twaddle.

  • Richard Olsen

    Bruce, it’s always those who dispute something that demand proof. Why does any proof need to be furnished. If you don’t believe it, don’t believe it. But at the same time, don’t diss people who want to believe it, or use it for good. You kn…ow, atheism is also used for bad as well, it’s not just theism that is. For example, Atheists tend to make statements that don’t respect the beliefs of others. Communism is the perfect example of this. Punishing people and removing their basic human rights just because they don’t agree with the state.

    I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen in religion. There are many who use religion to further hatred of others. But there are just as many who use other excuses as well. The fact of the matter is, you’re going to get arseholes no matter where you go. Religion doesn’t breed them, humans are just built that way.

  • Bruce Llama

    Oh Richard, are you suggesting that you believe in a god but for no concrete reason?

    In any case, all religion is made up, there is no requirement to respect that belief. You can believe whatever you like, I’ll even defend your right to bel…ieve it. I also reserve and actively use my right to question and denounce religion as fluff not worthy of respect.

    And your contention was you belong to a religion because of it’s sense of community. Community can and does exist outside of religion, and with no need of religion.

    Richard then posted this, but deleted it:
    “I use religion not just for community. Being HIV+ for close to 10 years now, I’ve come to require a belief in something greater than all the know-it-all doctors and scientific quacks in the world. Regardless of what “I” choose to use religion for, is quite frankly, none of your business. Just as it’s none of mine whether you choose to believe in anything or not.

    I will respect your right to not believe in anything, if you respect mine to believe.”

    But if you sit on your high horse, being a condescending prick, I’m not likely to give you any respect for your beliefs whatsoever.”

  • Bruce Llama

    Richard, I’m not asking for your respect, and have no need for it.

    You entered the public sphere in a discussion about religion, you make some comments in a public space and I’m happy to put my 2 cents in, just like you did.

    You talk about know-it-all doctors and scientific quacks of the world, are they the same doctors and quacks that have enabled you to continue to live with HIV for 10 years? Have you stopped all treatment now and rely on your god to provide for you? No, didn’t think so.

    Don’t you like having your beliefs challenged?

    Richard then posted this comment and then deleted it:

    “Actually, I’d like to say, it’s that sort of condescending attitude that makes people like you no better than the Chabadnicks that so many of us bitch about”

  • Bruce Llama Oh the power of the Remove X – it’s a pity Richard, you were quite promising.

  • David Trueman Obviously half the argument has been removed but I also must say Richard you are entitled to believe any fantasy you like providing it never impacts on me and you don’t require me to respect that belief. I don’t respect religious belief and use every opportunity I can to criticise it. That which is asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof. I so dismiss your beliefs as they are without proof. Pat Condell frequently clearly encapsulates what I am thinking now and again. This video is an excellent example.

  • Bruce Llama Yes, pity that. He’s run away, poor little lad.

  • David Trueman Hitchen’s made the observation we sometimes have to treat them gently as their dlusions are so necessary for their make up & existance the sudden removal could cause them harm. He is a nice man, I am basically an arsehole so I don’t fucking care.

  • Bruce Llama I like arseholes.

  • Michael Barnett Richard, I’m a little curious, genuinely, to know what realisation you had that took you from atheism to wherever you are now. It’s not everyday one hears of a former atheist.

    Of course, Richard has long gone, he ran away very quickly. So I sent him a message:

    Bruce Llama 01 January at 18:55

    As Pat Condell said, your faith is a joke. You have amply demonstrated that by the removal of your comments from the the facebook page and not having the strength of your convictions.

    I wish you all the best in life.


    And then came the response that I will treasure in my heart for all time:
    01 January at 19:00
    Actually Bruce, what I was aiming for was removal of my friend status of that from Mikey. But, unfortunately getting around facebook on the iPad is not always a user friendly experience.

    As for the strength of my convictions, don’t get me wrong, I am very strong in my convictions. I’ve had to be strong in my convictions all through my life. However, I think that you’re nothing but an internet troll who goes out of their way to hurt others.

    Good luck to your trolling. I’m sure you must get your sick kicks from being the pest of the planet.


    Of course, he can’t defend his convictions, and he’d sooner block out the likes of rabid llamas and delete his comments that actually engage in a discussion about religion that he started out doing.  I didn’t seek him out to destroy his faith, just to pass a comment about his comment.  The poor luv.  It must be hard being him.  Dave Truman has a point, the swift removal of their religion may lead to an explosion and none of us want to clean up the messy pile of shit left behind.
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