Brush me baby

It would seem that the two weekly Israeli newspapers  Yated Neeman and Shaa Tova can’t cope with women, at all.  So much so, that they airbrushed a couple of cabinet ministers out of the new line up for the Israeli government. [SOURCE].  One of the papers just blacked them out, the other cut and paste a couple of blokes over the top of them.

It seems that the ultra-conservative Jewish editors think that it defiles a woman to print their image. I mean really, one of the women has her wrists and lower arm showing, the slut, and the other is showing way to much chest, her dress is so low cut, another 3 centimetres and you’d see her cleavage.

There might only be a thousand ultra-conservative Jews in Israel, who knows.  Its disturbing that even in this day and age, women are seen as something that needs to be hidden away from public gaze.  You just never know, a man might be tempted if he sees so much as a knobbly wrist.

Women the world over need more respect, (actually men too) whether its the christian attitude of no women priest, or the muslim beating of teenage girls or the jewish concept of  hide them away, its got to stop.  It may only be a small part of each of the faiths, but the fact that crappy attitudes still exist in 2009 is appalling.

Another example of a bunch of men hiding behind religion to justify their own insecurity about the world.  Women have as much right to be here as you you bible bashing bullies. (Torah tripping toads or Koran killing kunts) Ditch god and become a proper human being and then this Llama will consider you evolved.  Until then please go out and play with the alpacas.

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