Homosexuality is wrong

There’s a whole stack of places on the Internet where you find people claiming that homosexuality is just plain wrong, they don’t like it for whatever reason.

There’s two that have crossed the fields of the Llama domain recently that are noteworthy purely because of their basic stupidity and it tickles my fancy.  (You to can tickle my fancy upon application)

Homosexuality is wrong is a [SOURCE] Facebook group.  (Did you know that this Llama has a Facebook profile, feel free to become my friend).  They say that they’re not picking on wooly woofters just the act of wooly wooftering.  How nice of them.  So, in their mind it’s ok that I’m a flocculent homosexual as long as I don’t root.  No doubt they’d like me to hide my sexuality.  You know, the attitude of its ok if you’re gay, I just don’t want to know about it.

The blurb for the group:

Its just my opinion. If you agree, join the group.

This group is not hateful!
-but it would be if we were allowed 😉

Also, Join this group because Facebook deleted homosexuality is a crime!


This group is not hateful, does not support “murdering gays”, or anything of that nature.

We are purely against the act of homosexuality.

Not hateful?  Would be if we were allowed? Does not support “murdering gays” (why does that need quotes?)  Bunch of haters.  I can’t post a message on their group, its not allowed, but I will send a message to  Beau, one of the administrators of the group, just to let him know that Bruce Llama has joined the group and his opinion is that Homosexuality is not wrong.

The other information to come my way this week was about Stephen Langa who is spreading nasty stories about homosexuality in Uganda. [SOURCE] He uses a lecture on homosexuality to tell people that the gays are coming to take their children away and bases that notion incorrectly on a piece of satire written in 1987.  He’s just out and out dishonest, either that or just plain stupid and didn’t bother to do the research before hand.

So, I’m going to do my best to be a homosexual but not do the act of homosexuality.  (oops…. failed already, I looked at my Love Llama lustfully)

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