What dear? Gay dear? No dear.

Adam Hood says he’s a straight man.  Seriously.  He’s married and all.  He can blow into a woman’s bits while screaming the name of jesus!  Really loud (I think it’s a bit like going oh god I’m gonna cum!).

In his video he talks about how he found jesus and how jesus saved him from the sin of homosexuality.

He’s got it bad.  The only reason I mention it at all is because he’s in Australia.  He’s working with a religious nut job church called Miracle Christian Center Inc. based in Victoria.  Mr Hood was to give a talk in Queensland and in Victoria.

He was talking at some catholic school hall in Queensland, but the catholics cancelled it.  Then he had some talks lined up in Melbourne, but they too got cancelled.  It seems people don’t like his version of the truth very much at all. [SOURCE]

His talks were so he could tell the story of how he became straight.  How jesus saved him.

Which all sounds very nice, until you get the real message. The real message is that he thinks all people who are gay are evil, that they are going to burn in hell.  That the god he now believes in, the god who loves him so much, is going to burn all gay people.  Forever.

Think about that.

He actually believes in eternal torture and he’s so fucking smug that he’s not at risk of this any more, but he wants to tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself for being gay, that if you can’t be like him and enjoy muff munching and pussy poking you are gonna burn, forever.


They’ve gone underground, to run their meetings in secret, good thing too, sort of.  It’d be better if they would just keep their crazy fucked up shit to themselves.  It’d be great if churches wouldn’t accept the testimony of a drug fucked gay man who made his conversion while in the pit of despair on more drugs than you can poke a stick at and deeply depressed.  He converted because he heard voices, while in a psych ward, strapped to the bed.  He was out of his fucking mind.  He’s conversion has nothing to do with his sexuality and has everything to do with the church taking advantage of a deranged man at the lowest point in his life.  And now he’s the poster boy and loving the attention he’s getting.  Able to travel the world to share his story.

Sounds like exploitation to me, and what gay man wouldn’t jump on board, after all, it’s all about me.

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