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In fact, I predicted last year what the truth-haters would do when my new book appeared: they would deny it, and then, attack it. My thoroughly-documented book on homosexuality, Strained Relations, complete with 707 footnotes, is being treated exactly as I said it would be.

Oh yawn.

Billy, billy, billy, you said:

They will go ballistic, and will basically seek to shoot the messenger. Instead of dealing with all of the data and evidence I present here, they will simply attack me big time. If I thought I was getting a lot of hate mail and death threats already, just wait and see what lies ahead.

And guess what, nobody has gone ballistic.  Let’s face it, your book is irrelevant and has simply been ignored.  That must really hurt.

Not only did the original print run sell out in the first nine weeks, so that a second print run is now available, but various outlets which are not dominated by PC considerations and fear of the homosexual militants have been promoting the volume.

Various outlets not dominated by PC will be christian bookstores.  Hardly the home of the blockbuster book.  (yes, yes, everyone sells bibles, not the same thing).  How many was the first print run billy the author?  500?  1,000?  How many?  How many have you actually sold?  How many did you give away?  Not many would be my guess.

Just last week I did an hour-long interview with a national-wide radio program about the book. It occurred because the interviewer happened to be a Christian who had the courage to want to see truth exposed in the public arena. So despite the MSM and homosexual blackout, the word is getting out anyway.

So, what sort of radio station would do an hour-long interview with the author of a small run book that has no impact on society at all?  My guess is that it was 20/Twenty on Vision FM.  Vision FM is indeed a national network of christian radio stations, with over 500 stations relaying their broadcasts.  Of course, the only way to pick them up is to stand on the roof with an antenna pointed to the low powered transmitter.  If you happen to live next door to the transmission tower you’d probably be able to pick it up.  Hardly what I’d call the public arena.

But when the truth can no longer be quarantined and censored out, then the second strategy will be all-out attack. Once it becomes impossible to keep a lid on this book, then the attack dogs will be unleashed to do their vicious hatchet jobs.

OK, this should be fun.  I wonder how long we have to wait for the lid to pop off and just who will release the attack dogs.  Smithers no doubt.

Poor Billy delivers another attempt to drum up some support for his largely ignored book, he even lets some negative comments in on his blog post, probably in some vague hope of drumming up a bit more business.

There’s no substance to Billy the author.  He doesn’t provide the facts and figures, he won’t even mention the radio station.  He’s keen to point out how well his book is researched, it has footnotes and everything,  yet he demonstrates that he will only deal with facts when they support his view.


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