France is at War with the militants homosexualists!



Oh goodness me!  France has allowed teh gays to get teh marriage.  You know what that means?  Let’s ask Grandpa Uncle Billy:

If you want to know what the end of freedom looks like, simply look at France. With the ruling elites aligning themselves with the radical homosexualist agenda, they have declared war on their own citizens. Things are very dark right now in France, all because the militants have gotten in bed with the powers that be.

It sounds really really bad.  Millions being thrown into prison, not a safe place to go at all!  All those people being deprived of their freedom!  There’s a war going on, the government is locking them all up!

“There is now a first victim to deplore. His name is Nicolas, a 23 year old student from Angers, who was arrested while peacefully protesting against the absurd re-definition of marriage and family by his country’s government. He has now been sentenced to one month of imprisonment for ‘rebellion’.”

“Rebellion.” Did you get that? All dictatorships of course hate any form of resistance and disagreement to the state. He continues, “This judgment apparently is intended as a clear message to all citizens that still dare to oppose the new gay-fascism: we are not going to listen to you, nor engage in any rational argument about the meaning of marriage and the family, but we will simply put you in jail. Dissident opinions will be silenced at all costs.

Wait on a minute… first victim?  I can see why Grandpa Uncle see this is a dark period.  Of all the protests a person is locked up!  There’s so much to worry about.  There must be millions more waiting…. so, let’s just test how this peaceful protester, Nicolas Bernard-Buss ended up doing two months for rebellion.

Firstly, the word rebellion and the offence translated from this website:

Is an act of rebellion the violent resistance to a person holding public authority or discharging a public service mission acting in the exercise of its functions, to law enforcement, the orders of the public authority, decisions or judicial warrants.

So, for his peaceful protest he was charged with violent resistance.   He probably threw a few punches.

What else about our new peaceful protester against the militant gay lobby?

It seems this (translated from French):

The militant anti-gay marriage movement founder part of “watchers” was sentenced Wednesday, June 19 by the 16 th of Paris criminal court to four months in prison, two suspended for rebellion and provision of an imaginary identity, and a fine of 1,000 euros for denial of his DNA and fingerprints.

So the peaceful protester was violent, gave a false identity and refused to provide his DNA and fingerprints and he’s described as militant.  A militant peaceful protest I guess Grandpa?

Billy Billy Billy.

Young Nicolas is now in prison for standing up for what is right. You may well be next.

Well no, he’s been locked up because he gave a false name, refused to provide his fingerprints and something about violence.      Millions of cases are no doubt waiting to be tried and the French government are busy building new prisons to house all those charged with ‘peaceful’ rebellion and France with be a homosexual paradise.

But I guess the truth doesn’t work too well for you does it Billy.


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