Bloody media

De facto law is unfair to wives and children | The Daily Telegraph.

My love Llama pointed out to me this headline.  The main jist of the article is that by providing equality to relationships to all couples (yes, that includes same sexed llamas) has opened some possible legal loopholes.  More on that in a moment.

The headline is dreadful and not expressive of the nature of the editorial.  Its another example of the media exploiting readers emotions.  It really needs to read “De facto law is unfair”.  I don’t agree with the editors position, but its clear that from his chair he thinks the new laws potentially could be unfair to anyone in a relationship, not just women and children.  Cheap headline designed to grab your attention.  Oh, I should give him a few ideas.

The editorial seems to indicate if you have an affair with another llama, either of the same gender or not, after two years, that recipient of your llama juice might be able to claim half your belongings, even if you only exchange the juice and nothing else.

Oh, its just twaddle.  Not a responsible approach to the subject at all.

The government was quick to jump on this and debunk it.  Somebody should spank that editor.

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