Moving Churches


Father Peter Kennedy is a naughty priest.  He breaks the rules of the catholic church, he blesses gay couples, sells books that question the divinity of christ and no doubt other things.

So, what do you expect any employer to do when one of its employees breaks company rules?  Well, sack them.  So the archbishop did that.

Let the song and dance begin.  Listen, if you’re going to belong to a church and call yourself catholic, you have to play by the rules.  Just like when playing Aussie rules football you can’t play by the rules of soccer.  You can’t expect anyone to put up with that.

The solution, which we have seen so many times, is for the priest to take his flock and flock off.  Hooray shout the parishoners, hooray shout the homosexuals, hooray shout the masses!!


If this guy has decided that its ok for gay people to get married, and to bless them, if its alright for him to question some of the basics of the faith, then I challenge him to go all the way and ditch religion.  Its either right or its not.  You can’t be picking out the bits willy nilly.  How do you know which bits are right and which bits to ditch?  What basis is the choice made on?

This isn’t a good outcome.  It just another bunch of deluded believers still believing the same crap.  There is no god, the bible is shit, the tradition is shit and you’re wasting time. They should be held in the same contempt as any other nutter.  I hold them in contempt.

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