Wallace and the ACL have problems with Free Speech


I can feel Wally’s brain bursting from here.  Exploding in all directions.

an outrageous travesty of free speech to pass almost unchallenged by its own Press Council

Outrageous! It’s a travesty!  They didn’t do it my way!  It’s almost unchallenged!

Never mind that the Genome Project mapped the genetic makeup of the whole human body without finding a gay gene

Never mind that the Genome Project mapped the genetic makeup of the whole human body without finding a heterosexual fuckwit gene.

I mean really, is that the best you can do Wally?

Doug Pollard, a broadcaster on gay radio station Joy FM, asserting that science proved homosexuality was not a choice without offering a shred of evidence.

That’s right, Doug must be gay coz he’s on a gay radio station, therefore he’s a liar and a homosexual activist and he makes things up to support his own opinion, and he just isn’t right and he’s trying to turn the whole world gay and he’s trying to ** brain fart.

Doug has gone to the trouble to give the answer you wanted, he posted it to your website, we all wait to see if you approve it.  If you don’t there’s a copy at the bottom of this blog post1

Still it seems you are not allowed to advance even the idea that it might be a matter of choice.

You’re really stretching it here aren’t you.  Nowhere is there any credible research that even indicates that sexuality is a choice.  Sure, sure, there’s all that religious crap, but they always have formed their answer and do their darndest to find the evidence to match.  The biggest hint for you in this matter, Wally old man, is to ask yourself when you made a choice to be straight.  Sorry, I assumed you’re straight.  You are straight?  Then you need to ask this question, “Why would anyone want to be gay in this world when there are bigots and homophobes trying to get rid of you?”

This lazy ruling by a Council against whom there is no avenue for appeal is an outrageous capitulation to homosexual activists aggressively intolerant of any position which does not line up with their views. It is bad enough that we have the public demonization of any alternate voices by charges of bigotry, gay hate and homophobia, without the profession we rely on most to protect freedom of expression aiding and abetting its public propaganda.

Careful Wally, I can see the veins throbbing in your temples.

You do understand that we have a right to challenge people’s perceptions.

You do understand that we have a right to question and remark upon the comments of silly people who base their position on what was written in a book that is over 2000 years old.  They pretend it to be the word of some supernatural being who created everyone, including people who you think choose to be gay.

You honestly think that the notion that sexuality is a choice is helping anyone at all?  Check the suicide stats and see who’s killing themselves.  Yeah, that’s right, gay kids, they’d sooner kill themselves rather than undo the choice you think they made.

Talk about public demonization.  Talk about aggressively intolerant of any position which doesn’t line up with your view.

The issue of gay marriage and perhaps more importantly what our children are taught about homosexuality, is critical for our society.

Yeah, coz we really want to make sure that kids growing up know and understand that their sexuality is innate and whatever it is, it’s ok.

It is to decide how we value the essential functions of motherhood and fatherhood and whether an aggressive minority can impose a new definition on an institution defined by biology since man and woman first procreated.

Umm… you’re the head of the ACL, which again and again has been shown not to be representative of the constituency that you pretend to represent.  Most christians are not represented by you, that makes you a minor player.

You call the homosexual activist an aggressive minority while doing the same thing.  You actually think that somehow marriage is a biological institution just coz men and women have sex and have babies?  You ignore the fact that you can fuck without being married.  And you actually think that this minority of gay people will somehow bring our civilisation to a collapse because some of them want to get married and have kids.  Those gay couples who do decide to do that will always be in a minority.

But with this decision it has become a deeper matter of not only truth, but on what topic our freedom of expression will be limited.

And yet, here you are exercising your free speech right by publishing this outrageous document, and here’s the press council telling the newspaper not that they can’t print this rot, but they have to offer sufficient space for a rebuttal.

Just where has the free speech been limited?


  1.  What Doug wrote as a comment on the ACL website and then posted to the Facebook Group Proud to be a Second Class Citizen.

    Commented on ACL website – tho they probably won’t post it.
    As the Doug Pollard in question I find it very amusing Mr Wallace that you could not be bothered to Google the very extensive research that is available online that does indeed provide the scientific evidence you prefers not to seek: Rachel Maddow yesterday dealt with this issue inn two excellent items here http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/rachel-maddow-how-the-ex-gay-movement-has-harmed-every-gay-persons-life/politics/2012/04/19/38259 , including the refutation by Switzer of his own research that you can now no longer use as ‘proof’ people can change.

    The man to whom he made this admission has laos written about the confidence trick that is NARTH, another organisation you are fond of relying on for your ‘science’. http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/2012/04/11/43514

    As I pointed out in my rebuttal, almost every posterboy the ‘gay cure’ lobby has ever put up as ‘proof’ has eventually either admitted that nothing changed and they are still gay (see the Maddow link above) or been sprung cruising gay bars in their spare time.

    It would be a joke if this nonsense didn’t do severe psychological damage to the poor souls caught up in the cycle of self-hatred and despair you promote.

    One Australian man who was trapped in this horror freed himself and now helps others: Paul Martin http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/news/queensland/gay-psychologist-sees-the-light/2008/12/17/1229189662679.html

    Anthony Venn-Brown is another, who was an evangelical preacher before he too faced facts and now helps people reconcile their homosexuality and their faith. Now THAT’S a REAL Christian.

    May I implore you to open your eyes to the truth before you do any more damage to vulnerable people.

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  1. Eric Glare says:

    RE human genome project – it sequenced the genome of humans from blood samples from initially 6 people, nothing to do with “whole body” or sexuality. It found genes but it was not a study designed to determined what is the function of those genes. That is subsequent research that is still ongoing and for sexuality it would require sequencing a large number of people representing various diversities and some fancy mathematics called genetic linkage disequilibrium AND a very large amount of public funding. The evidence for the genetic contribution to homosexuality indicates that it is polygenetic – the idea of 1 or 2 gay genes was dismissed a long time ago – and the technology is only now being developed to be able to do this type of study some time in the future.

    Why is Jim Wallace so off track on this? Quoting a social historian, using old ideas and misrepresenting research that a yr 12 biology student would be expected to be able to refute. He is mapping any vague idea to his agenda which I think is dishonest and a form of lying (enough to take him to Hell if he doesn’t repent). Clearly he has a log in his eye (Matthew 7:3) and the meanness of Saul. He is using our plight to furnish himself with righteousness and it stinks to heaven.