Hockey hates the poor!


So, would be Treasurer blasts our entitlement attitude.  Too much social welfare!


It seems pretty clear to me that this is another swipe at those less able to fend for themselves, find a job, get a start in life, help in their old age, those with a disability and many other ways that we as a society look after each other.

He said a lower level of entitlement meant countries were free to allow business and individuals to be successful. ”It reduces taxation, meaning individuals spend less of their time working for the state, and more of their time working for themselves and their family.”

That’s right, kick those needing help in the guts so those earning lots can work less and spend more time with their families.  Fuck everyone else.

Perhaps he should have said a more equitable taxation system that allowed all citizens to live good and productive lives is what we should be aiming form.  Taking care of each other is how societies grown

Do people rip the system off?  You bet.  Whether its attempting to get more money from a government benefit or attempting to reduce the amount of personal income tax some people will always attempt to subvert the system for their own gain.  They are dishonest and selfish.  We need to create a society that actually does care about each other.

Hockey needs to address the imbalance, while they can’t control how much huge corporations pay their executives, they can control how much tax they pay.  Lets talk about that tax reform, so that we can get a balanced budget.

It’s way to easy to kick the people on low incomes than it is to pick on the big earners.

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One Response to Hockey hates the poor!

  1. prayforrain says:

    The government is currently reducing some welfare by reducing the private health insurance rebate for higher income earners. Joe Hockey opposed this as the opposition always does, but now he comes out and says that there’s too much welfare. He can’t have it both ways.
    However, in some ways I agree with him. Too many Australians think that the government owes them something, eg “I pay taxes don’t I?” If all govt handouts were called “welfare” rather than “rebate” or other words, maybe people would realise how much they are actually getting and wouldn’t complain so much.