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This gay Llama has been following two stories with a ‘gay’ theme over the last week.

1.  Last week, in my home paddock of Melbourne, we had the “Equal Love” rally (Already blogged about that one).  5,000 people gathered to protest about the Australian Governments reluctance to allow equality in marriage.

2.  The shooting of two people in Tel Aviv.  A gunman made his way into a community centre and opened fire, killing two people (who were gay)

(c) Michael Barnett Photography

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The result of the shooting in Tel Aviv saw 70,000 people attend a rally.  That’s a lot of people.

President Shimon Peres was among speakers at the meeting on Yitzhak Rabin Square outside the city hall.

“The shots which struck this proud community affected us all as human beings, as Jews and as Israelis. The man who targeted the two victims targeted all of us,” Peres said.

The President said that?  I find that stunning.

Is there a change in the wind?  Can you imagine twenty years ago that 5,000 people would gather in Melbourne to protest about equality.  70,000 in Tel Aviv showing solidarity for the gay community.

Perhaps at long last people are actually thinking a bit.  How delightful.

Michael Barnett Photographer

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