Wally Smiles Because he Can Sack the Poofs


Jim ‘Wally’ Wallace over at the Australian Cunts Lobby is salivating because the Australia’s Atheist Prime Minister has given him a personal assurance that religions will be able to continue to discriminate on the basis of sexuality or other sexual activities.

Well brush my woolly nuts with steel wool.

It's consensual.  Don't panic

It’s consensual. Don’t panic

So the churches can sack a woman because she’s having sex before marriage.  They gay sack a gardener because he’s gay, they can sack an admin worker because she’s transgender.  In the eyes of a church if you sin, you’re out.

What is this?  19 fucking 50?

Fuck a duck.

What a gutless, pathetic, government we have that can’t distinguish between a basic human right and the needs of old men to keep up the perception of morality.

These matters are no longer ‘sinful’ or immoral in the great scheme of our world.  It’s not like stealing or murder.  Nobody is being hurt by these actions.

The churches have their collective heads buried up the arse of their crazy god and real people suffer.

The government should have the courage to enact anti-discrimination laws that actually do what the title suggests.  Prevents discrimination.




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6 Responses to Wally Smiles Because he Can Sack the Poofs

  1. Mike says:

    I doff my hat to you sir. 🙂

  2. Fred says:

    What do you expect from a thouroughly gutless, brainless politician. As usual religion rules with lack of morality so when you get a job there be sure you are a virgin. love the article & ducky porn.

  3. davey308 says:

    What is this trash? Do you feel so threatened by people who disagree with your opinion that you have to create a website to demean them using such disgusting language?

    If I was sending my child to a christian school I wouldn’t want you teaching him based on your woefully uncreative and disgusting use of the english language alone, let alone whatever backward ideas you might try to ram down his throat.

    • Bruce says:

      No, you’d sooner ram religious crap down his throat. You don’t have to like my words, I don’t give a shit. Go find something else to do fuckwit

  4. Ross says:

    One cannot help but marvel at the high sophistication of discourse on this blog. Wow.