Wallace and ANZAC Day 2011

Jim Wallace is the ‘Managing Director’ of the Australian Christian Lobby.  He picked ANZAC day to tweet this:

Just hope that as we remember Servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for – wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!

The trouble with doing this on Twitter is that people notice, and before you know it, a simple tweet goes viral and everyone is after you.

Just have a look at Gladly The Cross Eyed Bear to see some of the responses.

No doubt there were gays in the general Australian population back then too – there were muslims living here too.  The ANZACs probably didn’t fight for the right of some multi-nationals to dig up our resources, or for some media-moguls to own large chunks of our media, or for women to have equal rights, or for cancer research or for a thousand other things.  But Wallacey mate, you go for the sure vote winners – you pick on the gays and the muslims because you know that you’ll pick a fight and get your big flat nose in the papers.  You fuckwit.

Once Wallace saw the responses what did he do?  Well, he apologised!

Ok you are right my apologies this was the wrong context to raise these issues. ANZACs mean too much to me to demean this day, not intended

You’ll find plenty of commentary about the whole issue out there on the net – go Google.  At the very least you should read Rod Swift’s blog on it, and have a look at the original tweets there too.

Then we have the fundamentalists all upset because the ‘militant’ gay lobby jumped on it.  They cry about free speech being silenced.  Ignoring the fact that it is this very notion that not only allows Wallace to say stupid things in public, but allows people to have a counter point of view.

Bill Vileandspew says this:

Just as soon as anyone dares to express himself about any hot potato topic of the day, you can expect all the usual lobby groups to instantly engage in a hate campaign to silence the person.

I don’t think anyone has tried to ‘silence’ Wallace at all, and you’d hardly call it a hate campaign, just having a different point of view.  If anything the other ‘lobby’ groups actually took issue with Wallace and his inane comments.  You know, they exercised their right to free speech.

Instead of living in a democracy where various points of view can be freely heard, we are instead living in a PC state where it is becoming increasingly risky to dare say anything that will rock the PC agendas. The homosexual lobby is clearly the most Stalinist in this regard. They will tolerate absolutely no dissent from their radical agenda.

Oh please Billy, stop trying to silence those that disagree with you.  Your radical christian fundamental attitudes really are quite dull, and you most certainly don’t want anyone to express anything other than your version of the ‘truth’.

Wallace is in a position of assumed power, he has the Government and the Opposition giving him credence by pandering to his ‘un-Australian’ attitudes.  Gillard the PM claims to have traditional values, I wonder if these values, that include the concept of marriage for one man and one woman only, now extend to the traditional values of the time of the ANZACS, you know, women stayed at home and did the baby making and the dishes, not allowed to have opinions or pop into the pub for a drink.

ANZAC day has become an important day to remember those who died in war, those brave men and women who were killed in conflict.  It’s not a time for anyone to try and hijack it for their own cheap political stunts by demonising sections of the community that they find distasteful based solely on their notion of a sky fairy that has been inept at preventing so much death and destruction in a world.  This dumb-arsed god thing could have prevented the devastating loss of life in World Word I and II – but no.  And why did he not step in to prevent it?  It’s because there is no god, the Wallaces of this world have no right to continue to use their positions to abuse those people who they think are sinners.

Wallace has removed the offending tweet from Twitter, and went on to release a media statement in which he says:

I believe in and value ANZAC Day and our veterans too much to have ever intended a slight on the day, and apologise unreservedly for having even tweeted the thought on this day, it was not my intent to see it used this way

But Jimmy dearest, what about apologising to the others that you attacked?  The muslims and the gays.  The ones who aren’t worth fighting for.  The ones that you clearly think aren’t worthy of protection in Australia.  Your apology means nothing, nothing at all.

So join Mikeybear and others:

Vote 1 @jimwallaceacl #douche of the century

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  1. If century is not long enough then I’ll happily settle for millenia.

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