The world farts

All these leaders, those elected, those who seized power, those puppets, all of them went to Copenhagen to talk about global warming.  You know, the change in the climate of this planet, the only place the we have to live.  There’s ongoing concern and evidence that the climate is changing.  Did I mention that this was happening on the planet that we call home and that we just can’t move to somewhere with a better view?  There are those that think we are not to blame for the change, there are those that think that nothing has change.  There are those that are blaming the change in the weather patterns on human activity.

You’d have to be pretty bloody stupid not to notice that the ice is melting on mountains, you’d have to be bloody stupid not to notice an increase in typhoons in the Philippines. On going droughts around the world. There are signs man, read the fucking signs.

Regardless of whether or not we can actually save the world, we need to try.  If the changes are a result of our actions, then we need to make some changes, if the changes are a perfect example of the earth doing it’s thing then that is no reason for us not to try and change it.  After all we have been changing the environment to suit ourselves for thousands of years, but this is the biggie.  If we fuck this up we as a species are screwed and as much as we have found water on the moon there is no chance of us all moving there.

So, our beloved world leaders all meet for a chin wag about climate change and what do to about it.  And it descended into a bitch session.  The poorer countries  staged a walk out in protest and the richer  countries just got their own way.

The best they could do was to agree to a three page statement that changes nothing.

But even the leaders of the world’s biggest countries admit that the provisions in the final document will not protect the planet from dangerous changes in global temperatures. [SOURCE]

It seems so obvious to me, we consume, factories make the stuff I consume, factories create pollution by making the stuff that I consume, pollution causes a change in the atmosphere that traps the sun’s heat and cause the temperature to rise because the factories pollute making the stuff I consume.

My answer, reduce consumption.  Why don’t we do that?  Money.  It’s all about economies.  If we stop consuming, factories must stop producing, if that happens then profits fall, people get laid off, companies go broke, admin staff get laid off, our society as we know it breaks down.

At this time of year, Christmas, our shops our full of useless shit.  Row after row of crap that has been produced to meet the demand.  We don’t really need this shit, but large corporations seem hellbent on making it for us, it’s how our economy works.  It’s supposed to be all about supply and demand, but I’m not sure whether we are demanding it or the companies simply make the demand by supplying the shit.

You and me need to take some responsibility for this.  Government and corporations need to take some responsibility.  There is no use talking about reducing emissions (which sounds rather something like Brother Baker was saying during a talk on masturbation) if you don’t tie that in with talking about reducing consumption.

A useless, gutless effort is the talkfest at Copenhagen.

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