It kills

You’d have to be stark raving mad really.

If you’re young, you know, any age that isn’t mine and you smoke, you’re a dick head.  That stuff will kill you.

I see it all the time when driving around, young people puffing on a fag.  Lighting up and taking a drag as if it was the coolest thing about.Benutzer_K.B._Wikipedia_Klein

’tis bullshit and it’s gotta stop!  For what possible reason do smokes still exist?  Why do cigarette companies continue to thrive?  Who is actively campaigning to get rid of this?

I sort of get it when you’ve been smoking for years and years, its a bastard of a habit to quit, but I don’t get why young people actually take up the vile habit.

I’m going to drive around now with a water pistol and yell “Smoking Kills” while squirting the silly ones.

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4 Responses to It kills

  1. Laura says:

    haha! Can I drive behind you with a video camera to catch their reactions when you spray them with water? 😀

  2. Andrew says:

    Remember all those ciggy company execs lining up at US congressional hearings to put their hand over their hearts and claim they didn’t believe smoking was bad for you? Sort of similar to oil company execs (or dickhead family first senators) who claim climate change is a myth… Profit begets bullshit – or bullshit begets profit (can’t believe I used the word “beget” – how biblical)…

  3. It would be far easier and more satisfying to put the cigarette out by pissing on them.