The Nationals are Gay!


Once upon a time David Graham was a contestant on Big Brother, and during that time in 2006 he declared his sexual orientation as gay.  Woo hoo!  (the woo hoo was a bit sarcastic)

Now he’s thinking of getting into politics, good luck to him.  He’s from a rural background, off a farm I think.  Not surprisingly he is a conservative, he’s a supporter of the National Party.  (Pause for shudder to work it’s way through to my arse)

Then, riding on a hairless spotty alpaca, comes Barnaby Joyce, a truly detestable character in the National Party and an embarrassment to the Australian people of Queensland to have elected him to the Senate.

And guess what!  Barnaby Babes says:

There’s so many people in the National Party who are gay – and I’m not one of them – but they don’t walk around with a wristband saying ‘I’m gay’.

He’s not gay!  Fantastic!  Best news I’ve heard all day.  Like we’d care if he was, we certainly wouldn’t be surprised.  But look, so many in the National Party are gay.  I guess that means that at the next state conference all the old blokes who aren’t gay will have their backs against the wall.  Maybe Barnaby Bottom wants all those gays to walk around with a wristband declaring their love for cock.  Or perhaps he’d like one declaring his desire to twiddle twats.

Can’t wait for all those gay Nationals to start coming out!  Should be a hoot.

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