Pope slips a rubber on


So, after years and years of saying that he couldn’t put a condom on the end of his bendy dick, Pope Bendydick has decided that it’s now ok.

I can’t help but wonder why.

Does he have a need for a few rubbers on a Friday night down at the bears pub?  Has he decided that he wants to wave his willy about and he wants to protect the rest of the world?  Is he secretly a bottom?

Can’t wait to find out.

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2 Responses to Pope slips a rubber on

  1. prayforrain says:

    The Pope has changed his mind regarding condom use, so it looks like he is fallible after all!

  2. I think there should be several billion people who should be freaking outraged by this sudden reversal of opinion.

    How many millions of people have had to die because of that stupid freaking opinion that has now changed ever so slightly?

    Honestly, the idiocy of the average religious mind offends me.

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