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Tis funny, the AJN Watch is at it again, the opening line:

Is Henry Benjamin following the AJN – becoming obsessed with “gayness”.

Obsessed? It would seem that the bloke behind the blog is rather obssesed with gay things.

most people don’t give a Donald Duck about what this or any other person does in private. (Well, we sure hope that he only does it in private.)

That’s right, most people don’t care what you or I do in private.  But here you are again talking about the private lives of people that you really don’t care about, but you do care, clearly.  And what’s with the rhyming slang?  Donald Duck indeed.  Is it just as sinful to mutter the rhyming slang instead of saying the full phrase, flying fuck.  You horses hoof.

Tells us a lot about Obama’s priorities. G-d help America.

You toss pot – perhaps Obama’s priorities have to do with putting the right person in the job.  Are you really suggesting that the job was offered because he’s gay? I suspect its the same the world over, its a reward, jobs for the boys.  And please, drop the hyphen, the word is god if you must use it, and god does help America, it says so in the constitution or on the money or some crap.

Oh, and I’m glad we have slipped into Daylight saving – otherwise shabbat would have started and I would have had to wait until Saturday night to read your little gem.  Bless you for rushing it out before the sun set.  I hope the missus didn’t mind you working so hard at the keyboard while she was getting your dinner ready.  Maybe you should care about that for a bit.

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