Tony is the Rabbit


Tony Abbott is the leader of the opposition.  He’s also stuck in the 50’s.  Not too long back he said that women should treat their virginity as a ‘gift’.1.  Back in 2004 he said on Lateline that he had not visited Cardinal Pell when he had.2.  Tony the Rabbit has also said that paid maternity leave would happen over the government’s dead body 3.  Tony is your classic conservative politician.  He is unashamedly catholic, and makes no apologies for his attitudes.  He’s the first to admit when he’s wrong and has shown the ability to change tact when in his best political interest.

Then he trots out this line on 60 Minutes

LIZ HAYES: Homosexuality? How do you feel about that?
TONY ABBOTT: I’d probably I feel a bit threatened…
LIZ HAYES: I’m not asking if it’s a personal choice of yours.
TONY ABBOTT: so many people.
LIZ HAYES: When you say ‘threatened’?
TONY ABBOTT: Again, Liz, look, it’s a fact of life and I try to treat people as people and not put them in pigeonholes.

How does a gay person threaten you Tony?  When was the last time you were threatened by a bunch of gays?  This attitude is the sort of confusion from our leaders that makes people think it’s ok to deal with the ‘threat’.  It’s the sort of comment that makes a questioning young gay person feel horrible and question their very being.  It’s careless and horrible.  60 Minutes should not have broadcast it and Rabbithead should have kept his mouth shut.

The next thing he says is just as bad:

“There is no doubt that it (homosexuality) challenges, if you like, orthodox notions of the right order of things” Mr Abbott told Lateline.

Right order?  You condescending bastard.  You with your stupid dress wearing bishops, you with your eating the body of jesus, you with your death worshiping religion.  You want to talk about right order.

This man wants to be PM.  That’d be worse than John Howard, Robert Menzies and Margaret Thatcher all wrapped up in the same conservative leader.

Then the comments on the Herald Sun website, there are both sides of the argument there, but still a clear divide.  He’s comments feed the trolls and create divisions.  It’s not ok to say these things about anybody.  It’s not ok to aspire to be the nations leader and say this shit.

I wish I voted Liberal, just so I could not vote for them next time.

  1. See my blog on this comment
  2. Tony Jones from Lateline caught him on the lie and he had to back peddle, he still didn’t answer the question – scroll down, its towards the bottom of the page
  3. That was back in 2002 – I guess he’s allowed to change his mind SOURCE
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