Enter Pell’s Hell


His Grimace George Cardinal Pell, or Hell to his mates is upset because politicians who say they’re catholic won’t vote the catholic way, that is, the way he says that they should vote.

He’s stamping his feet because the catholic MPs are following the age old tradition of leaving their religion at the door and representing their constituents and not Cardinal Hell.  (Pity they didn’t do this more often really, religion has no place in the decision making process of a nation)

“I’m not telling people how to vote,” he said. “I’m telling people how I think they should vote. I’m an Australian citizen and I have as much right to do that as any other citizen.”

Oh please, most Australian citizen’s are not the leaders of an organisation that expects it’s followers to follow and not question. Most Australian citizens do not believe in the supernatural world of George Hell and all his skirt wearing mates.  In all of this there is an undertone of a threat.  He’ll bloody make sure you can’t take the little wafer and wine, that’ll teach those naughty politicians a lesson, it will.  I tell you.

You flex those muscles Hell baby, you and your ilk don’t have long to go now.  Your influence is waning, that must really suck.  Big time.  I guess you are a big time sucker.

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