What makes you eminent?


Over at the website for Australian Marriage Equality, Peter Furness, Acting National Convener, has written a letter to Cardinal Hell, and called them The Christmas Letters.

He calls Cardinal Hell ‘His Eminence’,  which I find a hoot, especially since Peter is just a Mr and not an Eminence or a Highness or some other twaddle.

Eminence, of course is a term used to refer to Cardinals in the Catholic (and several other traditions) Church and denotes a position of importance for them in the church, they are Princes of the Church. More like tossers of the church.

Of course, Hell babes quite likes the fact that he’s been treated with the respect he deserves,

Thank you again for your letter and for the courteous way in which you have raised this issue with me. Please accept my very best wishes for Christmas.

And you only have to look at how he signs off the letter to understand that George Babes is really into this:


He actually inserts Cardinal before Pell and after George.  It’s like me signing a letter as Bruce Mister Llama.  And is the X before the George a cross or a typo?  On his own website the letter is topped with a +.

It’s the way you suck up to the leeches of society, you treat them with an unhealthy respect, give them titles that they have no right to, kiss their rings, bow and scrape.  They are just human.  They are not anointed by any god but by something call a pope, who himself pretends to be king, dresses in fine linen, lives in a palace that goes against the very notion of helping the poor. Hell and his cohorts don’t contribute to much to society, apart from their purple outfits, multi-million dollar accommodations and fine jewellery, the only way they help the economy and the people of their faith is by creating employment.  By his very position of importance in the church, he demands respect and wants you to kiss his ring and call him “Eminence”.

Fuck that.

Written this day, in the year of the Great Lit 13.75 Billion by Bruce, The Grand and Noble Leader of the most high order of the Imperial Immortal President, his Grace and Most Highness of High the President, Karma Bruce Banana Llama, otherwise known as Immortal President Karma Llama (Bruce to his friends)

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