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Get a load of this! We’re running out of food, in fact, we’re eating more food than we store. You know what that means? The rich people will buy all the remaining food, there’ll be riots and death and mayhem in 3rd world countries while we sit and continue to eat, happy in our fat smugness.

You know, we use to get left over bread at work. The local bakery would toss out the leftovers every night, and once a week our charity would get it to pass out to the poor. In actual fact we’d just take a loaf or two home because the poor wouldn’t come in to take it home. Sometimes we couldn’t even get rid of it and it’d end up in the bin, until someone started taking it home for the cows to eat. Go figure.

I love to cook. Last night I did a very nice Thai tuna curry, boiled some rice. Well we had some over, its sitting in the fridge. It’ll go mouldy and in a week I’ll throw it out.

Today I’ve eaten a bowl of cornflakes, two bananas, two nectarines, some dry biscuits, a salad roll, an apple, two cups of coffee, fish cakes and a plate of vegies.

Makes you think doesn’t it. Another prime example of how much I have and how little others have. Its all because I can buy the food I want, I can even drive to the supermarket and bring it home in the back of my car. How’s that for convenience?

What a sad state of affairs it is when the world has starving people, stores of food, and we’re worried about it running out. Whatever shall we do about that?

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