Do you know that you can buy nappies that have the Wiggles designs? or how about a Christmas vanity case, or perhaps you’d like some cute little table decorations to liven up the Christmas spirit on the day? What about buying a device that can change your voice? Perhaps you’d like to get a Christmas stocking for your dog?

We have so much. Really, we do. Take me for example, here at my desk. I have a digital camera, a colour printer, a laser printer, a very nice telephone with digital answering machine, a pair of scissors, more pens they I can ever use, a stack of DVD’s blank and with stuff on them, 5 computers, a flash mouse, back copies of Australian Geographic. Its all very nice. I’ve lost my stapler, I may go and find one.

My son has more lego that anyone on the face of the planet, my daughter has a Bratz doll collection to rival the lego collection, we have numerous electronic devices, games, mp3 players, TV and so on. I earn a good income, and can pretty well buy what I like. Although I may have to save up for a few years for the luxury boat. I still get envious. I have friends that have holiday houses, caravans, bungalows out the back, I’d like some of those things too.

And here we are at another spending spree – sucked into the Christmas vortex. Retailers are throwing everything at me, each day there are at least 6 glossy brochures in my letterbox, the radio and TV are full of Christmas specials, carols hum through loud speakers, trees and tinsel adorn many places. Well this year, I don’t want to buy a bloody thing. I’ve had it. Our world teeters on the brink of global disaster because of our abuse of its resources. We consume, consume, consume. Its gotta stop! We have so much, and we continue to consume. The only way to reduce our impact on the environment is to reduce how much we consume. Why do I need to purchase ice cream that is individually packaged in portions just right for a snack? Why does my news paper come wrapped in plastic? How come when I bought my salad roll for lunch it was wrapped in glad wrap, placed in a paper bag and then into a plastic bag? (I gave the plastic bag back)

We have so much, and so many people have nothing. This year I’m not buying presents. I’m going to give my money to somebody else. Someone who might use it to buy some food, school books, seed, clothes. Something useful.

Really, we should be ashamed of ourselves. You should be ashamed. I’m ashamed. I consume with little thought of the consequences. People starve in this world, they starve. People make my shoes for a $1.00 a week. I’m a fat Australian. Fat. I’m not fat because I have some genetic disorder, I’m fat because I eat too much food. I love to drink, I love to eat. All I need to do is share the wealth, and this Christmas I’m going to make a start. What will you do?

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