Rise Up Australia!


There’s a new political party in town called Rise Up Australia.  And despite the name, I regret to inform you that it is not a bunch of horny gays running around with huge phalluses rising up to conquer the world, it is alas a bunch of rabid christians running around with giant erections prepared to fuck the country over by sticking their dicks where they’re not wanted.

The party is lead by Pasta Daniel ‘The Lion’ Nalliah1.  He’s really very excited what with launching his party and having an erection and all.  Have a look at this for arrogance:

Interestingly, the weather forecast was predicting wind and rain for this day, as we checked day after day leading up to Wednesday the 22nd June. Even on the day in the morning, rain was forecasted.

However, the prayer warriors petitioned the God of heaven who always answers prayer! Instead of rain and wind, most miraculously there was bright sunshine. What a mighty God we serve! Thank you everyone for praying and standing with us.

Yes, how interesting that in the middle of winter there would be a prediction for wind and rain.  But thank the lord god almighty, he took a break from saving the starving millions in Dafur, preventing radiation poisoning in Japan, helping a mid-sized university team in the mid west of the USA win their game, to blow the clouds away and make sure that his glorious sun shone down on the rising up of Australia.  Pasta Lion must surely know that he is much loved by god because god will down tools to make sure the sun shines on him.  How marvellous that god always answers prayers when petitioned by prayer warriors, he clearly doesn’t want to get them off side, them being warriors and all.

I’m surprised that the media didn’t pick up on this miracle.  Such greatness has certainly got my vote.


  1. Read more about him in previous blogs
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  1. Surely the sun shone out of his clack.

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