Pastor Danny is Wailing and Screaming at the Sky


Here we are in October and New South Wales are in the grip of a major catastrophe with bush fires burning out of control, causing much destruction.

jesussaveusThe tragic events brings religious nutters out of their homes to invoke the name of their god to help.  I blogged about the recent activities of our favourite pastor Danny Nalliah, to recap, he had a dream and he thinks god told him to go to the bushfire area and pray for rain.  So he did.

He actually thinks that he made it rain!

Yesterday, Pr Daniel led a prayer meeting in the Blue Mountains area about ten minutes from one of the major brushfires.

He ignored the advice from emergency services that people should stay away.  What an arrogant man, not only is he claiming to be within 10 minutes of a major wild fire, he’s dragged along 30 people to pray with him.

While they were praying, the heavens did open and a good soaking rain started falling where they were, resulting in them having to move undercover. The weather conditions completely changed with no dangerous winds and 23 degrees temperature.

The real test for this sort of shit is whether it would have rained anyway.  Of course it would have!   Just so we’re clear here too – there wasn’t enough rain to put the fires out, and while it helped the emergency continued and in fact the fires flared up again the next day.

This morning at 7.30am, Pr Daniel was in contact with people from the Blue Mountains, particularly several pastors, who confirmed that the soaking rain (in some places up to 5 mm of rain) continued all through the night in almost all of the bushfire affected areas.

But not enough to actually stop the bushfires. Maybe they didn’t pray hard enough.

 The good news is that all four major bushfires have been downgraded this morning from emergency to watch and act.

Yes, that’s right, but not because you bunch of extremely silly people spent time in a park wailing at the sky.  What you won’t hear is that the next day the fires flared again and were again upgraded to ’emergency’.

Pr Daniel has activated an action plan of prayer from 12-1pm today Wednesday 23rd October.

How is praying considered an action plan?

In the comments on the blog Norm says this:

Norm Bishop

22 October 2013

Before I picked up Pastor Daniel Nalliah from Mascot this morning, Jesus began to answer Pastor Daniel’s prayer. It began to rain requiring me to use my car’s windscreen wipers.

Wow, how powerful is Danny, it’s raining before he even gets off the plane!!

The rain continued through our prayer and praise time. At the end we believed that we had achieved what God had called us together to do.

Prayer and praise time… interesting concept… anyway, why does god need you nutters at all?  Surely it would have been easier to prevent the fire and destruction by making it rain before it got so bad?  Your god is a bastard.

Our God answers prayer and particularly when we obey his voice and do quickly what is asked of us.

Really?  So nobody else was praying for rain before Danny arrived to wail at the sky?  You know what he prayed for?  He prayed for other pastors who think abortion is ok, he prayed for marriage and he prayed to stop suicides.  He prayed for those who have had abortions.  He actually thinks that the reason for the fire is because people are sinners that have abortions, get divorced or kill themselves.  Danny believes that his presence and words of ‘repentance’ are what’s needed to stop a bush fire.

The next day we get another blog post with more insane mumbo jumbo:

We were saddened not to see anyone thank God for the rain on Tuesday night the 22nd of October, because that was the time that the Australian media announced with a great deal of negative hype that it was going to be the worst 24 hours.

Could that be because no gods had anything to do with it?  Maybe the sadness is because nobody showed up with TV cameras to film the insanity and simply ignored the outrageous claim that Pastor Danny is able to command god to make it rain.

Well, glory to God for a group of 30 plus believers in Christ Jesus met in the Blue Mountains with Pr Daniel and stormed heaven in repentance and prayer, as the Blue Mountains is very well known for its satanic occult activity.

Only 30.  That’s the best you could do?  How many believers does it take to shut their eyes and mumble some words to ‘storm’ heaven.  Up until now I had no idea that the area was well known, sorry, very well known for its satanic activity.  No wonder it was burning!

Be sure to check out these postings by Martin S Pribble. He’s written some excellent blogs about superstition, it seems fitting that he shares my blog post with Pastor Danny.  Martin writes this:

It’s when we perform a random act (such as screaming at the sky asking for rain) and the random act is randomly “successful” (i.e. it rains) that we conflate the two unrelated events.

The world needs more common sense and less screaming at the sky.

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6 Responses to Pastor Danny is Wailing and Screaming at the Sky

  1. If you get incurable cancer and you asked Pastor Daniel to pray for you and you were cured you would say that “I would have got cured anyway”. But if he didn’t cure you you would say that, “It just goes to show that it is a load of B/S”. God can’t win with guys like you?
    There was an old saying that, “There are no atheists in fox holes”. Fox holes were holes for soldiers to hide in when under fire. In those circumstances the people in fox holes would have been more open to Pastor Daniel than to Bruce.

    • Bruce says:

      Couple of things Greg. Danny is just a man, nothing more. Praying does not cure cancer. There is no god to win with guys like me. You can believe whatever fantasy you want.

  2. Before the Catholic Church declares someone a Saint the person has to be credited with three miracles and the Church goes to great lengths to determine that these are authentic miracles. St Mary McKillop has the requisite number of miracles and therefore is eligible for sainthood. Are you saying that all of these so-called miracles are false?

    • Bruce says:

      Greg, thanks for your question. I’ve written about Mary MacKillop plenty of times. First of all, once you’re dead that’s it. There is no sitting around waiting for someone to pray to you so you can mend them. The catholics can declare as many saints as they like, claiming that they perform miracles that are not provable is a frudenlant activity. So yes, I am saying that so-called miracles are false. The only thing dead people do is rot.

      • Dead bodies rot. People are not bodies. The soul goes away from the body. Have you heard of the incorruptibles ? Some saints who have been dead for a long time have left behind incorruptible bodies.

        • Bruce says:

          Dead bodies that were once people rot. There is no soul. And sure, I’ve seen the sacred relics, I’ve been into places where these things are displayed. I don’t think any of them would be considered functioning bodies in any way at all.