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Pasta Daniel Nalliah at Catch The Fire Ministries1has been saving people for jesus!

I am sure you will remember some time ago we shared the testimony of a young woman who came to CTFM with an evil assignment from the satanic cult in Australia, but the Lord Jesus Christ touched her and she was born-again!

Praise allah!  Can’t you get locked up for touching young women?  Did she have the evil assignment on her iPad or in a sealed envelope perhaps?  But don’t worry, we won’t expect too much information, your word is good enough for the likes of us!

This young lady was very badly burned the first time we saw her. On many occasions she has come to us for help with severe physical injuries, including stab wounds, torture, burns, etc. On 2 occasions I contacted the police because her injuries were so severe. Once the police came to CTFM and on another occasion I personally went to the police station with Jason.  However, I was very surprised to see the way they reacted with no real interest at all.

Police are uninterested in stab wounds, torture, burns and etc?  Really?  Must be some information missing here Danny poo, but don’t let that get in the way of a good story.  Later on in the story you tell us she’s into self harm… you think that’s why the police aren’t interested?  Perhaps they suggested to you that she needs some support from a mental health professional, but no, that wouldn’t fit in with all those demons would it.

We continued to minister the love, truth, and power of Jesus

I can’t believe you actually said truth and jesus in the same sentence, they don’t go together at all.  Best to call on jesus rather than getting someone who knows what they’re doing, like a doctor.

to her over the past one year or more and have cast hundreds of demonic spirits out of this young woman. I have cast out many demons out of many people in many countries, but I must say that I have never seen anyone so demon possessed.

Hundreds of demonic spirits, wow, that’s really impressive.  I’m surprised it hasn’t been on the telly.  No doubt it’s because of her satanic up bringing.  I’m not sure who has the bigger delusion, you because you can make some poor girl wail on a stage, or the girl for thinking you actually ‘cast out’ demons.  How do you know how many?  Perhaps they come out in a puff of black smoke, just like they do on the TV.

Simultaneously, the satanic cult and their demonic hordes continued to attack her which has caused much harm to her.

Oh yes, hordes of demons sent by a cult to attack another cult.  It’s war out there!  Best gather the prayer warriors!  Quick, on your knees, bitches.

I personally received several threats from the cult, which I took to the police. The police responded that they cannot accept my complaint, but would take necessary action if anything happened to me, which I thought was interesting and very strange.

The police are powerless against hordes of demons no doubt, or they’re actually grounded in the real world and understand you’re a complete nutter.

This young woman has been demonically programmed into many personalities, and when one of those demonic personalities is operating, she does not know anything she is doing.

Did you seek appropriate medical advice for her, did you consider dissociative identity disorder? Oh no, you wouldn’t because you clearly know it’s demons and you can cast them out with magic words!

Thus on many occasions, I believe she has harmed herself, but sincerely believes that there are other people from the cult doing it.

So now she’s doing the self harm, but you want to believe it’s also other people. Based on some sort of evidence no doubt.  Oh yes, they’re satanic, want more evidence would you need!  Have you ever looked at someone and thought that they need serious help for their mental stability?  No, you think that you can save them with magic words, a wave of your hands and hugs.

One thing for sure is that there are some very evil people out there who are possessed with demonic spirits who head up the satanic cult and are able to prey on innocent victims, programme them and get their dirty work done.

One thing for sure is that there are some very evil christian people out there who are possessed with delusions who head up the christian cult and are able to prey on innocent victims, programme them and get their dirty work done.

Recently 2 police officers came looking for this young woman at our Sunday night worship service. I met them at the reception along with this young woman. They told her in front of me that her 11 year old half brother was very badly injured and was at the Royal Children’s Hospital. According to this young woman, he died a few days later. She believes he was badly tortured by the satanic cult.

You do know that the police actually investigate that stuff.  Oh, no doubt they’re part of the minions of satan that have been programmed to get his dirty work done.

A few months ago a member of the satanic cult brought a court case against me and tried to get a restraining order against me, so that I cannot minister to this young woman. It was very interesting as I had to appear at the Frankston Magistrate Court.

So, the court will listen to the satanic cult, but not you.

When the Judge read the documentation, he looked at the prosecuting lawyer and said that he was not interested in this case because Catch The Fire was doing a good job in helping this young woman…. He then closed the file and said that he will not issue a restraining order against me. We were so happy to see the way God moved…. Glory to God.

Woo hoo!  The judge was on your side.  No doubt the satanic cult are cursing jesus!  Or the judge knew they didn’t have a leg to stand on and it had nothing to do with you.

I thank God that we did not give up but persisted with this young woman. We are now beginning to see a real breakthrough. In the past 3 weeks many more demonic spirits have left her, she has been coughing up a lot of blood as the evil spirits left her.

Many more demons and she’s coughing up blood.  She’s sounding really sick.  Have you been to the doctors yet? Coughing up blood is very serious.

Glory to God, yesterday Wednesday the 18th of May she was baptised in water at the CTFM base in Melbourne in the presence of around 50 prayer warriors who will continue to work with her until she has complete victory in our Lord Jesus Christ!  I thank God for a fantastic team of prayer warriors he has given me. They are just absolutely fantastic.

Yay!  Another convert. Another poor sick person who has mental, emotional and physical needs that have been completely ignored by this rabid cult, who think dipping you in water is more important than offering medical assistance.  Who thinks that there’s a war going on with demons and prayer warriors.   A pasta sauce who thinks his pathetic arsehole god, who loves all of his creation, but allows poor innocent girls to be infected with evil demons, gives him prayer warriors.  God gives prayer warriors to Pasta Dan.  What an arrogant arse.

When we first met this young woman, she could not carry on a conversation due to continually manifesting demons and would often try to run away.

When you say she tried to run away, do you mean that you prevented her from leaving?  You restrained her against her will?

However, yesterday she shared a brief testimony and thanked God for helping her to be free.

Jesus will solve everything!  Just as well she had you to keep her on the straight and narrow.  You’ve saved her soul!

She also gave high fives to many on the team and gave me a hug which she could not do before.

There’s a sign of jesus if I ever saw one, christians giving each other high fives.  And I hope she gave you a christian side hug, I’d hate for you to be getting hard holding the previous bride of satan in your arms.

Please pray for this young girl as we believe she will be a powerful witness for Jesus.

Yes, you’ve let her believe that you’ve cast out the demons, so she is now beholden to your cult.  She must now do your dirty work.

She is the granddaughter of Anton LaVey, the founder of the church of satan in the 1960’s in the US.


This girl had a satanic prophetic destiny to fulfil as they wanted her to lead the church of satan for the next generation,

You do realise that this is as concocted as your own stupid beliefs.  No jesus, no satan, stop wasting your life!

but glory to God that she will now fulfil the prophetic destiny of Jesus for the next generation in the Kingdom of God!

Oh and aren’t you the proud one.  God would be so stuck without your greatness.

We need to see more of the supernatural manifest presence of God.

That’d be good, let us know when your almighty god thingy does manifest.  Until then, you really should be held accountable for the vile process of using people with medical and mental health issues as justification for your imaginary friends in the sky.

Many Blessings,

Pr Daniel Nalliah

Oh to be as blessed as you Pasta Daniel Nalliah.  Cover me in your sauce, wet me with your holy water, give me a high five and cast out my demons.

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