Keep Australia Australian!

That’s the catch cry of the Rise Up Australia Party.  It’s president is an immigrant from Sri Lanka.  He’s hardly what you’d call your typical bronzed Aussie.  But of course, Pasta Dan isn’t talking about skin  colour when he says keep Australia Australian, he’s talking about keeping the non-christians out.  If you accept the lard jebus as your saviour, you’re in!  Oh, and it’s ok if you’re a jew, coz we have a judeo-christian background.

It seems that the new political party has registered enough supporters to be recognised by the Australian Electoral Commission.  I’m sure that’s exciting.  In the blurb about the new party Pasta Dan says:

We want to restore to Australia the common sense values and traditions which have made this country one of the best and most stable democracies in the world

That sounds fine, except that Pasta Dan is really a born again christian and writes things like this:

  • I have cast demons out of many born again Christians in ministry across the nations and seen them move into complete freedom in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour…
  • Another young boy who had recently rededicated his life to Jesus was standing at the altar and worshipping Jesus. Then suddenly he started screaming and rolling on the ground. He was set free of many demons. This young man had deliverance for almost 3 hours…
  • All I can say is that thousands of demons were cast out of dozens of people…
  • Demons are real. Do not under estimate them. But glory to God we have more power than demons…

That’s just some of the highlights from this blog entry at Catch The Fire website.

There are some other statements that are just as whacky here:

Very often when a marriage breaks up, there are so many children whose hearts are terribly broken as they do not want to see mum and dad separate. Unfortunately, these broken hearts of these children very often become big doors ways through which satan enters their lives.

So, because the parents break up, satan gets in, through big doors, and causes the kiddies to have demons?  And your god allows this because?

A major door way was opened for demons to get in when she had an abortion. The young lady repented and through God’s grace was set free!

Oh great, some arsehole left the door open again, that’s how the bastards get in.  Consider that idea that he thinks demons get in when a woman has an abortion, to the manifesto of his new political party:

14.  We wish to make abortion history by providing those social conditions that support women in their lives so they are not forced into situations where they feel there is no option but to have an abortion.

No doubt the devil is forcing women to have abortions so that the demons can invade.

And to think that this guy, the good Pastor Daniel Nalliah, is serious about trying to get to parliament!

No doubt we can expect the opening of every session to be him parading around casting out demons!  I can just see Tony the Rabbit or KRudd rolling around spewing out green stuff and letting the demons out.  Gillard will be very lady like, cover her mouth and just give a burp, coz she’s a traditional woman, don’t you know.


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