Jesus Heals Cancer


How silly it is to make such a grand claim, while at the same time telling those with cancer that they should continue with their treatment provided by medical services.

So, on one hand, you can have the nutters at the Equippers Church in Napier, New Zealand tell you that jesus will cure you, but you still have to get the standard treatment.

Senior Pastor Lyle Penisular seems to really believe this rubbish, which isn’t unsurprising as he’s not only put it on a billboard attached to the side of his church, he’s also taken to putting up a count of those that have been cured by jesus.  He seems to think it’s ok.

They have a “healing service” which is described as this on their website:

We believe in a God that heals every disease. In this service we will be administing God’s healing grace. If you are sick we have been praying for you. Come and let us stand with you in faith for God’s power to be outworked in your life.

Well I’ll be a bowl of dead flying kiwi chips, everyone in the world should be heading there right now so that they can be ‘outworked’.

How deluded.


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2 Responses to Jesus Heals Cancer

  1. So… Jesus heals cancer… but only when you’re getting world class medical treatment which you shouldn’t stop under any circumstances unless your medical profession tells you to…

    CLEARLY Jesus is the one doing the healing, CLEARLY. Jesus is a great guy, he’s healed 6 people there (and left another million to die). He’s also healed atheists, muslims, hindu’s, wiccans and Nazi’s (who didn’t have anybody praying for them) and not healed millions of Christians who HAVE had people praying for them. Great guy that Jesus.

    The dumbfuckery is profound. It’s embarrassing. I have this overwhelming urge to shake a Christian until they wake the fuck up.