Rise Up Australia Has Magic Words!!


I just love reading what everyone’s hopeful pastor is up to, he regularly posts his activities on the church blog.

Dan babes is hoping to get into parliament next time around as part of his new political party called Rise Up Australia – I’ve blogged about it before.  Think about what his written here before you even think about voting for him or any of his candidates:

My heart goes out to these beautiful children who have not experienced a father’s love. Our nation is full of fatherless children.

No it’s not, it’s probably more accurate to say that Australia mostly has fathered children.  In fact in 2004-2006 22% of children under 15 where in single parent families1

We desperately need real fathers standing up in the gap to be willing to help these young men and woman who are desperately looking for a father’s heart  of love.

What the hell is a ‘real father’?  Who of the 486,000 single parent families are desperately looking for a fathers’ heart of love?  What does that even mean?

Unfortunately, they are looking for it in all the wrong places.

It’s still not clear who is looking and for what, perhaps if we knew we could point them in the right direction.

Looking for love, many young woman turn to drugs, alcohol, etc. and very often get pregnant. Then they go on to have abortions. This is so sad, as many of them are now suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Right… where are you drawing the information from to reach your conclusions?  Where are the stats on their suffering, depression and suicidal thoughts?  Is it only the children of single parent families that are having the abortions?

Many young men who do not know their fathers, lacking their father’s love, turn to drugs and alcohol.  Many become involved in homosexuality. This is destroying a whole generation of young men, as they too are suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Now you seem to be suggesting that because a child hasn’t got a father they turn to drugs, alcohol and many become ‘involved’ in gay things.

Oh Lord, please help us the church to repent and pray to see our nation healed.

And your answer to all of this is to have the church repent and pray?  Magic words will give a magic solution to a problem that doesn’t seem to exist.

It’s so much easier to make broad and rash generalisations than it is to identify the real issues and do something to actually help.

Faith wouldn’t be enough to save Australia if these jokers got into power.


  1.  Australian Bureau  of statistics SOURCE
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  1. prayforrain says:

    The last thing we need is political parties run by religions. They only represent a minority of the population, and result in division.