Pope Smope

Resplendent  in his red slippers1 Pope Bendydick has yet again been out there spreading his vile hatred of homosexuals in jesus name!


Bendydick in red slippers

The pope has said that Britain’s laws that aim to remove discrimination against homosexuals will discriminate against his little catholics by not allowing them the right to religious freedom [SOURCE].  I guess that’s in much the same way as society doesn’t allow stoning of adulterers anymore.

Let’s be perfectly honest here Bendydick.  The real reason you don’t want to let society get any more liberal is because of the bad wrap you lot got on all the sexual abuse stuff.  In your strange and twisted mind you still think that homosexuals are pedophiles, and your sheep do too.  You so much want to make the world think that you’re all squeaky clean now because you don’t let the poofs in, so the little catholic kiddies must be safe.

And yet, here you are in your Dorothy shoes, petticoats and lovely splendid red jacket.  I mean really does this scream drag queen or what?

He went on: “In some respects it actually violates the natural law upon which the equality of all human beings is grounded and by which it is guaranteed.”

This is secret catholic code for homosexuality isn’t natural because you can’t have kids by munching the muff or having backdoor sex, god wants you to have children when you have sex, god made sure men have sticky out bits and women have sticky in bits – s0 that means it’s natural to stick the bits together.  I bet he has got diagrams to help.

This kind of stupid backward rhetoric from an outdated useless religion that’s built on a lie needs to be challenged.  Step up and call the pope stupid.  His last century attitudes are out of step with modern thinking and he’s not helping any one at all.

I wonder if you can get red nugget.

  1. The Papal Slippers are made of silk and have jewels sewn on to them – they must cost a fortune to make SOURCE
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2 Responses to Pope Smope

  1. Andrew says:

    This sinister, saw-toothed, frock-wearing weirdo with a voice like Zigfreid from KAOS (from “Get Smart”) who claims never to have fucked anything has the nerve to lecture the entire world about sex…. what is wrong with this picture?