Artificial Life and god


Scientists Create Synthetic Organism


Heralding a potential new era in biology, scientists for the first time have created a synthetic cell, completely controlled by man-made genetic instructions, researchers at the private J. Craig Venter Institute announced Thursday.

How amazing is that!  This new and artificial life may lead to us designing bacteria that could clean up environmental hazards!  I’m sure that there are hundreds of other possible uses.

Guess who is standing in the way?  The Woman Cafolicks.  Bishop Domenico “Love cock” Mogavero1 has said that it could be a devastating step, he questions whether or not its ethical.  This from the same stupid religious death cult people that think abortion is wrong, even if it means both the mother and baby will die2, that stem cell research is wrong, even though it might save the lives of thousands of people3 , that wearing condoms is wrong, even though it might save the lives of thousands of people4  He wants to talk about ethics.

Get out of the way, stupid dress wearing bigot.  Religion is not in a position to talk about ethics, ever.  You believe in magic words and beings you can’t see.  This is about science, so .. ssssh… the grown ups are talking.

  1. Bishop Mogavero is the head of legal affairs commission for the Italian Episcopal Conference (woo bloody hoo) SOURCE
  2. A woman would have died if the baby was not aborted SOURCE
  3.  The church is more concerned with designer babies, than curing people of horrible disease SOURCE
  4. The pope condemned the use of condoms to stem the flow of HIV infections on a recent visit to Africa SOURCE, that it’s ok to move paedophile priests around rather than sack them and jail them[5.  The church continues to protect its own rather than the children  SOURCE
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