Everyone wants a bit of Mary!


As if it’s not bad enough with all the politicians and media falling over themselves wanting to get in on the Mary Fucking MacKillop crap, as if it’s not bad enough listening to Tim Fisher and Cardinal Hell wetting themselves with excitment over the impending canonisation of a dead person, now the jews are into it as well.  I guess they didn’t want to feel left out.

It seems that when things were a bit bad for MFM in Adelaide, and she’d been turfed out of her house, who should come along and help her, not a christian, not a politician, not a christian politician, no a jew!  So now, because of the kind Emanuel Solomon we have a jewish connection to MFM.

Praise the lord, miracle!

What next?  She rode a camel owned by an Afghan muslim?  She received a buddha  from a Tibetan monk? She once saw off in the distance a hare krishna dancing?

Once one of my ancestors passed through Adelaide, and MFM was three blocks over as he went through, the story has been passed down and we all now feel so blessed.

Everyone wants in on the MFM bandwagon… hitch yourself up.

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  1. Mary MacKillop says:


    A satiral Twitter account of her saintliness.