Vatican gets even


The Vatican considers itself a sovereign state.  Which is strange, because they don’t do anything of any use.

It seems that they’ve been caught up in the leaks from WikiLeakes.  Which is just brilliant!  They’re upset and offended by the Irish Government actually asking them to help sort out the mess of priest rapists and child fiddlers.  A reasonable request.  The Vatican wasn’t the slightest bit interested in getting to the bottom of the scandal, they only cared about the sovereignty of their stupid little City state.

Then, in defence to the revelations coming out of WikiLeakes they trot out this line:

The Vatican press office yesterday expressed scepticism at the reliability of the reports in a statement that referred to “the extreme seriousness of publishing such a large amount of secret and confidential material, and its possible consequences”.

“Naturally these reports reflect the perceptions and opinions of the people who wrote them and cannot be considered as expressions of the Holy See itself, nor as exact quotations of the words of its officials,” it said.

“Their reliability must, then, be evaluated carefully and with great prudence, bearing this circumstance in mind.”

Oh yes, don’t take any texts at face value, you can’t trust the words of eye witness and people involved so closely to the source.

A bit like the bible really, it contains the perceptions and opinions of the people who wrote them and can not be considered as expressions of god, nor as exact quotations of the words of his officials.

And I love that they call into question the reliability of the statements and how they need great prudence to understand.

Do you think that they hear themselves?

The Vatican and it’s head need to be cut off, forced to acknowledge that they are a fraud, their assets seized and sold, the proceeds distributed to those that actually need the money.

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  1. Is that the Vatican getting Even Stevens, because you know they keep telling us is was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, in which case they would be getting Even Eves.