Action! Jesus is hurting!

I blogged today about the ethics class trial in NSW – ten schools are trialling it.  Only ten.  Thin edge of the wedge stuff for the Sydney Anglicans who have got their cinctures1 all knotted around the wrong way and possibly pulled too tight.

They created a website to warn of the dire consequences of secular ethics, to smarten you lot up so you know which side your society is buttered on.

Let me just have a bit of a walk through with you, you might want to read their brief page first.

the true point of origin for Ethics in Australian society is founded on Judeo-Christian values.

Huh?  This coming from a church who has some of the biggest blocks of land on some of the most valuable land in the country.  The Anglican church has thrived on its elite and special place in our society, and continues to do so.  These the values that our great land is founded on?  What about the vote for women?  Does the Anglican church still subscribe to the notion that women should not be heard in the church – of course not, that particular value has been washed away, despite what is stated so plainly in the bible.  What about the treatment of the indigenous population, when Australia was founded did the great and almighty church make sure that one of our founding principals was to recognise that the land they claimed was actually inhabited at the time?  No, they stood back and watched as they were slaughtered and enslaved.  How’s the whole poor thing coming along?  How many of your church halls are flung open every night to allow homeless people to sleep under shelter?  Why do we still have homeless people?  Why are some people poor?  Why does your church still consider same sex marriage wrong?  How do you love one another when you and the catholics can’t even agree on simple things and join forces for the good of all?

In a nutshell – your values suck.

Many of our Australian values, morals and ethics… have originated from the Bible and whether a person is Christian or not, they represent common values we’ve consented to and have long shaped this nation.

Bullshit – there is enough evidence to indicate that the ’10 commandments’ predate the bible in other civilisations. (Look at the Code of Hammurabi for example, there’s a few christian notions in there, perhaps the old testament commandments are based on that?)

This rot that churches feel they have a moral authority to claim that the only reason we have a civil society is because of their stinking religion is wrong.  We have a civil society because our society has been able to throw out the stupid crap written in the bible.  We don’t put our children to death if they disobey, nor do we sell them into prostitution.  We don’t beat our wives, have slaves, stone adulterers, and a whole range of other quakery written in the stupid book of the bible, why?  Because we are civilised.

The church can no longer preach it’s insane ‘ethics’ while it continues to enjoy great wealth, unjustifiable tax concessions and access to impressionable children who have no ability to see the lies for what they are.

The case for SRE is clear. Should Ethics be ultimately approved as an SRE option, its objective is to not only remove Jesus Christ from the State school system, but from the consciousness and hearts of the next generation.

You do understand that there a millions of people in this world who do not accept your jesus christ as anything other than a fictional character?  It is right that this fiction should not be taught as anything other than a quirk of history in a literature class.  Make believe is no basis for a system of ethics.

And do you know just how they plan to move forward?  How to protest?

Youthworks is calling Christians to make their voice heard…to unite, pray and protect the future of SRE and the future of the next generation.

They want you to pray.  Unite and pray.  Well that’ll help.  You god has so far no answered a single prayer in the thousands of years that christians have been praying.  Not once has he done anything to assist any cause of yours.  Why should this be any different.  At least while you’re in your glorious churches, lifting your voices to an unseen and uncaring god, you’re not out bothering other people.

  1. the cord used to keep their dresses secured and meant to represent chasity and purity!  What a hoot [SOURCE
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