Brains kept in gum boots


A poll conducted on behalf of a gay lobby group seems to indicate that a majority of Australian’s are happy with the concept of gay marriage.  No surprises there really, the figure has been increasing over the years.

I don’t really want to focus on that, I want to focus on the readers comments to the poll.  Some of them have got their underpants on their heads and their brains in their gumboots.

Let me pick a few out for you:

why do gays have to be married? Marriage is between men and women and is sanctioned by my church.

Gays don’t have to be married, but if they do want to get married, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be in your church.  You’ll also be pleased to know that marriage is actually sanctioned by an act of parliament and that act grants your church the right to perform a marriage.

The idea is absurd as marriage is an institution designed for people to have a legal commitment to eachother primarily for bringing up their children. To allow same sex marriage makes a mokery of this.

Cool – so let homosexuals marry so they can raise children under a legal commitment, then those that don’t want to have children can do the non primary reason to get married, oh, that’d be love.

BUT, marriage is a RELIGIOUS rite, not a Government concern. Gay marriage supporters should lobby their religious leaders on this, not parliament. The Government should never mandate to the Church what it should support and believe in just as the Church should never assert itself above the Laws of our Commonwealth. Keep them seperate and keep them both out of our lives.I am waiting for the day that I can marry my goat. After that, I want to get on the free IVF program (funded by the tax payer ) and see if we can have children (mini minators??)

Oh I love this one – the idea that marriage is religious, even though it is actually governed by an an act of parliament.  And its about time somebody mandated to churches what they should be teaching, there is too much vile nasty stuff coming from churches that is really unacceptable.  This nutter thinks that the church should not assert itself over the laws, but yet is happy to dictate who can get married.  Then the whole thing about goats, what is it with these christians that as soon as you mention same sex marriage that they want to go out and fuck a goat.  Not much thinking going on there… oh, wait, its a christian.

Sorry but I am against gay marriages as it goes against Nature, bible teachings and my own beliefs. I do not believe that test tube babies etc should be brought into this world and be handed over to same sex couples. Sorry this is abhorrent to me.

How do you know what goes against Nature (and why the capital N?) – did I miss the rule book somewhere?  This person is way too sorry, must be a catholic.

Lets gays marry by all means, but they DO NOT have the right to adopt, surrogacy or i.v.f in my world. Children is a right you give up when you choose to have a same sex relationship. You may not have your cake and eat it too.

I don’t know why you’d stop gay people having children, but if you are about to decide who can and can not be parents, then I think we should prevent anyone from Melbourne’s western suburbs or Frankston from being parents, anyone who drives a Commodore and anyone who eats food from McDonalds.


I bet he thinks he’s being clever with that.

As previously stated this is a religious isse. The gay lobbyists should target churches. This has nothing to do with government. Government already meddles in far too many things which thewy should stay out of. PS Gays will never be happy no matter how much we cave into their lobbying. as soon as they get their way on one issue they move onto the next. I thought the civil unions was to address their property rights concerns. Will it ever end.

It’s not a religious ‘isse’ at all.  Its a civil matter that’s being dictated to by a small bunch of christian right wankers.  And why should anyone stop short.  Full equality for all people is what is expected in this world of ours.

I don’t actually have a problem with homosexuals but let us at least be honest – sodomy is a disgusting habit and anyone that practices it (whether they be male or female) is a filthy degenerate. Call me a bigot if you will, but the facts speak for themselves.

Right – I think eating snails is fairly disgusting, I think picking your nose and eating it is fairly disgusting, I think fungus on toe nails is fairly disgusting, I think women menstruating is fairly disgusting, I think snot is fairly disgusting, I think child birth is fairly disgusting.  Oh, and anal sex (not the bibilical term sodomy) has nothing to do with marriage.

Are we truly a Christian nation? If so, we believe that the Bible is the final authority of God. A sexual relationship between a couple of the same sex is forbidden by God according to His Word. This has nothing to do with not respecting other peoples beliefs or being bigoted but everything to do with honouring what Gods Word teaches. We are not called to judge others but are responsible for upholding Biblical principles in our own lives and in our nation.

Christian nation?  No.  Bible is rubbish, written by mushroom eating hippies, there is no god to forbade anything, lest of all where I put my dick.  Gods Word teaches you to be a bigoted idiot.  I think you’d be much happier in Iran.

I know the world is full of rednecks, but I was rather hoping that they couldn’t write and with the on going process of evolution might be breed out of the gene pool.

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