Jesus, Billy is missing out


Oh I can feel the despair that good old Uncle Billy is feeling.  He’s gone all wishy-washy at the knees.  He’s just finished a 1453 word essay on the gospel and there isn’t an abortion or gay anywhere to be seen.  That’s remarkable.

If you’re ready for a nap, go and have a read, otherwise, here’s the bits that are at least a little entertaining.

One thing you can always bank on is this: if we preach a wishy-washy gospel, we will end up with wishy-washy Christians. If we proclaim an anaemic message from the pulpits, we will end up with anaemic believers in the pews. If radical discipleship is not taught in our churches, we will not have radical Christian disciples.

That’s right and if you use the gospels to preach hate, then hate is what you get, radical christians hating people.

What is proclaimed and heard in our churches is such a feminised, worldly message that the clear biblical gospel is getting woefully garbled if not lost altogether.

Feminised?  Does he mean weak and ineffective?  Sounded just a little nasty their Billy.

Let’s start with John the Baptist: “In those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the Desert of Judea and saying, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near’” (Matthew 3:1-2).

How near is near?  Two years, twenty, two hundred?  How long do you have to wait for the kingdom to appear before you can say a long time?

Jesus offered the same message: “From that time on Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near’” (Matthew 4:17).

Seems jesus is on the wrong bus or he missed the stop.  The kingdom is not near to anything at all.

The very heart and core of the gospel message is almost entirely missing from the New Age mumbo jumbo and self-centred baloney of these pop pastors. Instead you will constantly hear a message about how good you are, how you can live a better life, how you can have great wealth, and how you can even lose weight for Jesus.

That just sounds like professional jealousy Uncle Billy.  Are you poor and stacking on the kilos – you probably need jesus.

So where is the gospel in all that? Whatever happened to the simple truths which John and Jesus and Peter and Paul proclaimed? Whatever happened to the core message that we are sinners under the wrath of God headed to a lost eternity, and unless we repent and put our trust in Christ, renouncing self and making him Lord, we are all doomed?

Oh doom, doom, doom.  The kingdom is near and you’ll be all burning in hell if you don’t jolly well sit up and pay attention to Uncle Billy.

It must be so hard to be a biblical christian these days.



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Australian Christian Ray has a dummy spit!


My friend Ray at the Australian Christian party is a bit sad that no one is taking him seriously!

In 2012, all media, including the ABC were invited to the launch of the newly registed political party Australian Christians; a party seeking to represent the 19% of Australians who attend church once a month or more. No journalists attended.

Oh goodness me, what long memories you have.  Still hurts does it?  The media paid you no attention at all?  How will you cope!  Fancy being ignored by the media!  How dare the media decide what’s news worthy and what’s not.

Tonight the ABC news featured a lengthy article on the newly anounced pro gay marriage party seeking to elect candidates to the Senate in 2016. This party represent about 1.5% of australians who identify homosexual and is not registered with the AEC.

Oh my goodness me, how dare the ABC take their cameras out to Melbourne Pride March and not only film the march but do an interview with a new party.  Did you have a similar event to launch your party?  How much work did you put into the launch?  Was there a thousand beautiful bodies to draw the media in?  Oh, and you do know that Channel 9 and 7 also covered the event?  Why have you singled out the ABC for not reporting your launch?  It must really be a pain to be ignored.

In the past few years, the number of federally registered political parties grew to over 50. How many newly registered political parties did the ABC publicise in the same way they did with this new pro gay marriage party on this evenings news? How did it qualify for so much tax payer funded attention and free publicity?
I have asked the question of the ABC but do not expect a reasonable reply.

Oh please.  Why do we have the ABC do anything at all?  At one time Cardinal George Pell was on Q&A for a whole hour.  Once upon a time we had to watch the burial of a dead pope, hours were devoted to watching a puff of smoke come out of the chimney.  Why shouldn’t it cover all areas of the world and not just one that supports you.  Why don’t you just put your dummy back in your mouth and play with your hair?

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The ACL guides us on appropriateness!


The Australian Christian Lobby has questioned the use of taxpayers’ money to subsidise so-called art aimed at denigrating religion.

Let me answer the question for you – taxpayers money is being spent on a fringe festival, not specifically on just one show.  It’s one of the things that governments do.  You know, like when the government paid for the security for that old fart pope bloke to come pay a visit, us non-religious types thought that was a waste of money.  Or how about when my tax payer money is spent on presents for the next king of England?  That’s a waste too.  And just where do you get off denigrating someone’s performance as ‘so-called art’?

The South Australian Government and Adelaide City Council sponsorship of a Fringe Festival event entitled ‘Come Heckle Christ’ is inappropriate according to the ACL’s South Australia spokesperson Dan Flynn.

Well, the world would be a worse place if we all decided what could and couldn’t be funded on some sort of criteria around appropriateness decided by the likes of Danny Flynn.

The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, was right to urge people to complain about the production, Mr Flynn said, and ACL would encourage its supporters to do the same.

Seriously?  You want to complain about a play in a fringe festival?  You’d sooner shut it down and suppress the right of the artists to free speech?  Wow.

“While ACL supports freedom of speech and most Christians are very tolerant when it comes to public attacks on their faith, ‘Come Heckle Christ’ had gone too far, particularly as it is partially funded by the public purse,” Mr Flynn said. “In a tolerant society there is room for disagreement and debate but respect for religion should be encouraged.”

So, now we have to respect your religion?  Why the fuck should we encourage respect for a religion that thinks people who don’t accept jesus bloody christ as god are going to burn in hell for all eternity?  Why should there be respect for a bunch of bigots who think gay people should be stoned to death?  Why should we respect a religion that is clearly a fantasy?  What Danny boy and his type are really saying is that religion should be respected just because it should be respected, because it’s religion.  There’s no other reason.  If your god is offended by the performance let him deal with it by the dropping by and yelling at the top of his voice stop it!  At the very least he should send bushfires or floods or a bunch of frogs to nibble the artists toes.  I would have thought that the ACL would be more interested in protecting the rights of gay people in Nigeria who are going to be stoned to death for being gay.  The catholic bishops over there think it’s a good idea.  Where is the outrage about that?

Mr Flynn noted that advertising material for the production described the crucifixion of Christ as a “fairy-tale” despite the fact that no serious historian believes that.

Ha!  Serious historians!  Therefore any historian that says there is no evidence for the existence of jesus is not a serious historian?  It’s great to see that the ACL now controls the criteria for serious people too.



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Non-re-producing poofs


Homosexuals of course cannot reproduce – they can only recruit. And recruiting children into this dangerous lifestyle has long been part of their agenda. There are plenty of ways in which they target children, and they have made their aims quite clear here.

Oh please, being gay is not a barrier to reproducing.  Why I myself had two little llamas by waving my people poker in the right direction.  In fact many gay couples do reproduce, you do know how it works don’t you Billy?  And what’s this about recruiting?    It must be so terrific to live in such a fantasy world!  Many Saturday mornings I’ve stood outside Woolworths handing out “Join the Gay Club” brochures.  To date I’ve not recruited a single guy to the cause.  The Head Pooh Jabber is going to take away my gay badge and I’ll have to go back to straight sex.  Oh the shame!

Apparently we make our aims clear:

Way back in 1987 for example we had this now infamous declaration of war against our children made by the homosexual militants: “We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups . . . Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us.”

This 1987 ‘example’ is a bit of satire, read about it here, this doesn’t stop Billy and all his other fuckknuckle mates from quoting it as if it is the “Gay Agenda”.  Even a cursory reading should show you that it’s not serious.

Well, I’m off to close a few churches, there should be a few free men there that I can recruit and sodimise.  Head Pooh Jabber will be pleased.



Christian Killers!



There’s something really horrible happening in the Central African Republic.  People are dying, the country is in turmoil.

This time it’s the christians killing muslims.

For years people like the ACL, Bill Muehlenberg and Danny Nalliah have been bitching about how christians are being persecuted by muslims, burning churches, killing the innocents.  Crying out for everyone to stand up and pay attention. They cry about how the mainstream media don’t report the stories of christians being killed, it seems the media aren’t really reporting this either.  Perhaps it’s more to do with level of interest….

I’ve checked their websites, not a peep from them when its the christians doing the killing.  I bet they’d be saying that they’re not real christians.  But you know what, fuck you lot.  If it’s ok for you to point the finger at every muslim and claim that they are potential terrorist, let me do the same.  Every damn one of you.

Reports of cannibalism and other horrific acts of violence surfaced in the Central African Republic on Saturday night as Christian militias went on the rampage

…after Christian mobs destroyed mosques and attacked Muslim neighbourhoods

Sectarian violence has already claimed more than 1,000 lives in the CAR in past month, and yesterday, eyewitnesses spoke of how a machete-wielding gang ate parts of the body of a Muslim man after attacking him on Tuesday.

It’s all just too horrific to read.

Your religion is toxic.

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Pope Franky is still catholic


frankyAnyone would think that the new pope Franky was a good thing.  He may seem to like the gays and the atheists and even the poor.  I haven’t yet heard anything decent come out of his mouth that can’t be read as nothing more than catholic traditional teachings.  Basically the church is still a blight on our society, regardless of who the head man is.  Sure, sure, he wants to live in a little apartment and drive his own car, good for him.  That’s a bit like changing one light globe in your house to something more energy-efficient and pretending you just saved the world from global warming.

In his first every christmas message as the pope, Franky had a call to atheists.

“Peace is a daily commitment. It is a homemade peace,” he said.

Looking for something here that may suggest that the leaders of nations should be working toward peace… no, not here, maybe further on.

He said that people of other religions were also praying for peace, and – departing from his prepared text – he urged atheists to join forces with believers.

“I invite even non-believers to desire peace. (Join us) with your desire, a desire that widens the heart. Let us all unite, either with prayer or with desire, but everyone, for peace,” he said, drawing sustained applause from the crowd.

You lot have prayed for peace for thousands of years and yet it still hasn’t happened.  Why is that?  Doesn’t your god listen to you?  Instead of preaching to the poor little people, why not issue the challenge to the leaders of the nations that continue to throw their resources at fighting battles about stupid things.  And to suggest that ‘non-believers’ need to be invited to desire peace is such a crock of Franky poo.  It sounds like atheists really want to be at war!

“God is peace: let us ask him to help us to be peacemakers each day, in our life, in our families, in our cities and nations, in the whole world,” he said.

Oh bullshit, open your bible Franky:

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.1

If you want peace in the world the last thing you need is a catholic telling you how to get it.  All around the world we have religious people praying for our armed forces, that’s code for wanting god on your side to destroy the enemy without causing any harm to our guys.

In his speech, Francis asked God to “look upon the many children who are kidnapped, wounded and killed in armed conflicts, and all those who are robbed of their childhood and forced to become soldiers”.

It’s a pity that god isn’t being asked to look upon those priests that rape the children and prevent it.  It’s a nice sentiment but really the problem isn’t the children, it’s the adults that use and abuse them.

This pope if he really wants to make a difference in the world needs to call out the people who are actually causing the wars, the ones that are really abusing the kids.  It’s the political leaders of this world that need to be named and shamed.

Start with Tony Abbott and asylum seekers.  Putin and gay rights, Obama and Afghanistan.

  1. Yes, it’s in the bible, Jesus said it

Christians Have a Home!


It’s all happening for the Australian Christian Party this month.

They have a new office!  Woo hoo.

The gala opening attended by 3 people and a photographer was call “historic” and their new address is PO Box 258, Croydon Vic 3136.  Hang on, they have an office in a post box?  Maybe they’re worried and don’t want to tell you where their office is…I suggest you simply drive around Croydon with your window down singing “Onward Christian Soldiers” while tooting your horn until the Director and her two volunteers appear.

Meanwhile in other more exciting news, the Australian Christians are now registered in Tasmania!  It was a day of celebration as the party thanked Tasmanians for their support of christian values!  The party has now officially been registered by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission after the party achieved the critical number of members to do so. All 100 of them!  Wow, feel the love Tasmania – you’ve all gotten right behind the party to show real christian support.  Any day now they’ll be opening an office in Hobart.

Oh and check out the happy couple throwing their arms in the air, probably giving thanks as the bible quote at the bottom of their post says:

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

Either that or their waving to the other 98 who’ve just set off across Bass Strait to visit the Melbourne office.  If they can find it.  Alas, the happy couple are from a stock photo and their described as

Happy cheering couple enjoying sunset at beach with arms raised up in joyful elated happiness. Happiness concept with young joyous couple, Caucasian man and Asian woman.

Who knows, maybe they are praising cheeses.

A bag of baby jesus

A bag of baby jesus

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Are you a Virgin?


Something that christians like Great Uncle Billy the Not So Virgin Like to ask is “Are you a virgin?”

Sex is very important to him and when you have it with someone else is also really important because as far as Great Uncle Billy, NSVL, is concerned you can only have sex when you’re married.  He ignores that forever people have had sex in and out of marriage, even his own god got a single woman pregnant, although apparently she was still a virgin afterwards.  And who can forget Lot wanting to send his virgin daughters out to be raped by the townsfolk.  Virginity is high up on the list of godly things.

So, Great Uncle Billy NSVL asks:

So what is it with people publicly selling their virginity nowadays? Have we sunk that far as a culture that people have to take the wonderful gift of sex and degrade it in such a way, just to get their 15 minutes of fame?

I’ve seen billboards everywhere about young people wanting to sell their first bonking rights, haven’t you?  And why is sex a gift?  It’s just what we do.  Yes, it’s bloody good fun and makes you feel good.  But it’s hardly a gift.  Maybe I can start wrapping a ribbon around my people poker and giving it away as a gift.

Human sexuality is an intensely beautiful yet private affair – or at least should be.

Actually human sexuality isn’t so private,  every time you walk down the street with the good Mrs Great Uncle Billy who we assume is no virgin, you declare your sexuality.  Every time I kiss my love llama I declare my sexuality.  Sometimes we do it right out in the public.  Kiss that is.  Sex may be private but even then it’s sort of readily available for those who don’t want much privacy.

Yet when it is paraded all over the world it is cheapened, coarsened, and dragged through the mud. Of course our culture as a whole has done a terrific job of trivialising sex, and turning this act into a mere circus sideshow. So these latest moves should not surprise us.

Oh yes, side-show.  Prostitution, rape, rape inside marriage, forced marriages to have the right blood lines, sex is such a well-regarded thing Billy.  What a crappy over simplified view of the world he has.

If you are not aware of what I am referring to, consider these two recent examples. The first concerns a Siberian teenager. The story goes like this: “A Russian teenager who sold her virginity through an online auction site has been given the go-ahead by police to seal the deal.

still-virginTwo recent examples?  You asked what is it with people selling their virginity, parading it all around the world and you give us two examples?  You ask if we have sunk so far that sex is degraded and you give us two examples, and one of them isn’t even about selling virginity.  Methinks you may be getting a bit excited by this Billy.

Anyway, I’ll spare you the article, in a nutshell some Siberian woman wants to sell her virginity and she’s not breaking any laws.  The way Billy carries on you’d think everyone in the world was selling their first shag.  And big deal.  It’s not like unscrupulous people haven’t been marketing virgins.   If some one wants to sell it off, why the hell not!  Wish I had thought of it, I’d have made a pretty penny or two when I had a full head of Llama fur.

And an English example from last month is even more revolting. Consider this story: “A gay student plans to lose his virginity live on stage – all in the name of art. Clayton Pettet, a 19-year-old art student at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, plans to have gay sex in front of a crowd of between 50 and 100 people in London on Jan. 25, 2014, for a project called ‘Art School Stole My Virginity,’ according to the Daily Star. He and his anonymous partner will have sex until completion and then hold a Q&A with the audience afterward.

So, for some strange reason, this rather out there ‘gay’ individual is going to have his first ‘gay’ sex on stage.  It’s in the name of art, so it’s ok.  No one is being harmed, it’s not like Clayton is going to be able to do it more than once.  I can’t see an issue here.  Again, it’s one virgin having sex on stage in the name of art.  Not the whole world.

So what can one say? One is left dumbfounded by the sexual perversion and moral freefall occurring all around us.

How about you say nothing?  No one is asking you to go to the play or to buy a young girls virginity.  It’s not clear just what the sexual perversion is.  Granted, both are a little different and odd, but it’s not the same as having sex with a rampant alpaca now is it?  There is nothing perverse here.  One girl wants to have sex with a man and get some money for it, one man wants to have sex with his boy friend on stage.  Nothing perverse as such.

The really tragic thing is nobody seems to be shocked by this sort of stuff anymore. No one seems to care and even raise an eyebrow about such things.

But I think that’s where  you are wrong, people are shocked, or at the very least raising an eyebrow.  The reason this even makes the news is because it’s different, odd, unusual.  If it was as common as getting a speeding ticket then we’d never hear about it.  However, it’s still a non-issue.  We all fuck and we all do it for the first time.  For 99.99% of the population it’s with someone special, that first time, for the rest of us its a bit more out there.  That is indeed remarkable in the current culture.  When you can buy a virgin on the street or get two for the price of one, then we can talk about moral outrage.  We’d need to be charging GST for starters.

Our culture has reached such a point of moral and spiritual disintegration that we read an item like this in the newspaper as we would the daily weather report. Our capacity to exhibit some moral outrage at our decadent and dying society seems to have all but disappeared.

Our culture is disintegration because two people are loosing their virginity is unconventional ways? Really?  And what point has been reached?  Two people.  TWO FUCKING PEOPLE, that’s it.  The suggestion that you read it like you read the weather report is laughable.  I’m not sure what’s sadder, that you still get your weather from the newspaper or that you think this story is mundane everyday life.

How many more young lives must be ruined before we wake up as a culture and start saying enough is enough?

Two young people are doing it, and just maybe this will be the thing that enhances their lives.  Our Russian friend will no doubt move to a bigger and better place and perhaps get a decent education with her winnings, and the gay stage-fucking homosexual may be the next Superman.  Who knows.  It’s doubtful that their lives will be in ruin because the Great Uncle Billy NSVL doesn’t approve of sexy things.

What is a really good case for enough is enough however, is for ratbags like Great Uncle Billy NSVL taking the high road in some mock outrage.  Pretending to care about things that don’t actually matter.  Perhaps he could spend some time considering how to help the 9.3 million people in Syria that need humanitarian assistance.

May your first fuck be glorious.

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Pastor Danny is Wailing and Screaming at the Sky


Here we are in October and New South Wales are in the grip of a major catastrophe with bush fires burning out of control, causing much destruction.

jesussaveusThe tragic events brings religious nutters out of their homes to invoke the name of their god to help.  I blogged about the recent activities of our favourite pastor Danny Nalliah, to recap, he had a dream and he thinks god told him to go to the bushfire area and pray for rain.  So he did.

He actually thinks that he made it rain!

Yesterday, Pr Daniel led a prayer meeting in the Blue Mountains area about ten minutes from one of the major brushfires.

He ignored the advice from emergency services that people should stay away.  What an arrogant man, not only is he claiming to be within 10 minutes of a major wild fire, he’s dragged along 30 people to pray with him.

While they were praying, the heavens did open and a good soaking rain started falling where they were, resulting in them having to move undercover. The weather conditions completely changed with no dangerous winds and 23 degrees temperature.

The real test for this sort of shit is whether it would have rained anyway.  Of course it would have!   Just so we’re clear here too – there wasn’t enough rain to put the fires out, and while it helped the emergency continued and in fact the fires flared up again the next day.

This morning at 7.30am, Pr Daniel was in contact with people from the Blue Mountains, particularly several pastors, who confirmed that the soaking rain (in some places up to 5 mm of rain) continued all through the night in almost all of the bushfire affected areas.

But not enough to actually stop the bushfires. Maybe they didn’t pray hard enough.

 The good news is that all four major bushfires have been downgraded this morning from emergency to watch and act.

Yes, that’s right, but not because you bunch of extremely silly people spent time in a park wailing at the sky.  What you won’t hear is that the next day the fires flared again and were again upgraded to ’emergency’.

Pr Daniel has activated an action plan of prayer from 12-1pm today Wednesday 23rd October.

How is praying considered an action plan?

In the comments on the blog Norm says this:

Norm Bishop

22 October 2013

Before I picked up Pastor Daniel Nalliah from Mascot this morning, Jesus began to answer Pastor Daniel’s prayer. It began to rain requiring me to use my car’s windscreen wipers.

Wow, how powerful is Danny, it’s raining before he even gets off the plane!!

The rain continued through our prayer and praise time. At the end we believed that we had achieved what God had called us together to do.

Prayer and praise time… interesting concept… anyway, why does god need you nutters at all?  Surely it would have been easier to prevent the fire and destruction by making it rain before it got so bad?  Your god is a bastard.

Our God answers prayer and particularly when we obey his voice and do quickly what is asked of us.

Really?  So nobody else was praying for rain before Danny arrived to wail at the sky?  You know what he prayed for?  He prayed for other pastors who think abortion is ok, he prayed for marriage and he prayed to stop suicides.  He prayed for those who have had abortions.  He actually thinks that the reason for the fire is because people are sinners that have abortions, get divorced or kill themselves.  Danny believes that his presence and words of ‘repentance’ are what’s needed to stop a bush fire.

The next day we get another blog post with more insane mumbo jumbo:

We were saddened not to see anyone thank God for the rain on Tuesday night the 22nd of October, because that was the time that the Australian media announced with a great deal of negative hype that it was going to be the worst 24 hours.

Could that be because no gods had anything to do with it?  Maybe the sadness is because nobody showed up with TV cameras to film the insanity and simply ignored the outrageous claim that Pastor Danny is able to command god to make it rain.

Well, glory to God for a group of 30 plus believers in Christ Jesus met in the Blue Mountains with Pr Daniel and stormed heaven in repentance and prayer, as the Blue Mountains is very well known for its satanic occult activity.

Only 30.  That’s the best you could do?  How many believers does it take to shut their eyes and mumble some words to ‘storm’ heaven.  Up until now I had no idea that the area was well known, sorry, very well known for its satanic activity.  No wonder it was burning!

Be sure to check out these postings by Martin S Pribble. He’s written some excellent blogs about superstition, it seems fitting that he shares my blog post with Pastor Danny.  Martin writes this:

It’s when we perform a random act (such as screaming at the sky asking for rain) and the random act is randomly “successful” (i.e. it rains) that we conflate the two unrelated events.

The world needs more common sense and less screaming at the sky.

Smashing Superstitions – An Introduction to Personal Mythology

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Smashing Superstitions – A Way to Divide


Nalliah calls for Rain Dance to douse Bushfires


Bushfires are raging in New South Wales, but the weather may be about to change.

Which is good news.

Our defeated Senator candidate, Pasta Danny had a dream!

I told him that I would pray through the night and if God gave me a clear word, I would come there to pray. In the early hours of this morning, I had two dreams. In the 1st dream I was with this Pastor friend and a few others on our knees in an open park in the Blue Mountains very close to the bushfires, praying and crying unto the Lord to send the appropriate winds and rains to stop the bushfires. Moments later, I had a 2nd dream in which I saw a news reporter on the 4:30pm news broadcast stating, ‘Sudden weather change brings hope to put the bushfires out.’”

Woo hoo – a prediction!

He goes on to say:

In response, we at CTFM have called an urgent prayer meeting which Pr Daniel will be personally leading from 3-4pm today Tuesday 22nd October in the Blue Mountains at Glenbrook Park, Cnr Ross St & Park St, Glenbrook. Near tennis courts. Turn off Gt Westetn Hwy at Tourist Infirmation Centre / Caltex Service Station. (approximately 5-10 minutes’ drive from bushfires).

Pr Daniel stated, “I believe that as the people of God unite this afternoon from 3-4pm to repent and pray as in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, there will be a positive change in the weather in the next 24 hours with the appropriate winds and rains to stop the bushfires, despite the weather bureau’s current predictions.”

So rather than stay away from a dangerous area he is actually inviting people to drive into a bushfire area to pray for rain.

I thought the belief was that god was everywhere – is the prayer somehow more magical when you’re in danger of being burned alive?

So, urgent call, get there before it starts pouring down!

I hope the authorities charge him with being a public nuisance and run him out of the state.

Stupid fuck wit.


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