Christian Killers!



There’s something really horrible happening in the Central African Republic.  People are dying, the country is in turmoil.

This time it’s the christians killing muslims.

For years people like the ACL, Bill Muehlenberg and Danny Nalliah have been bitching about how christians are being persecuted by muslims, burning churches, killing the innocents.  Crying out for everyone to stand up and pay attention. They cry about how the mainstream media don’t report the stories of christians being killed, it seems the media aren’t really reporting this either.  Perhaps it’s more to do with level of interest….

I’ve checked their websites, not a peep from them when its the christians doing the killing.  I bet they’d be saying that they’re not real christians.  But you know what, fuck you lot.  If it’s ok for you to point the finger at every muslim and claim that they are potential terrorist, let me do the same.  Every damn one of you.

Reports of cannibalism and other horrific acts of violence surfaced in the Central African Republic on Saturday night as Christian militias went on the rampage

…after Christian mobs destroyed mosques and attacked Muslim neighbourhoods

Sectarian violence has already claimed more than 1,000 lives in the CAR in past month, and yesterday, eyewitnesses spoke of how a machete-wielding gang ate parts of the body of a Muslim man after attacking him on Tuesday.

It’s all just too horrific to read.

Your religion is toxic.

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