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Australian Christian Ray has a dummy spit!

Ray from the Australian Christians is still upset that the media are ignoring him while supporting the gayz.

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The Australian Christians lack respect for our institutions

[SOURCE] Australian Christian Party has been bobbing around a bit hoping to win a few seats at the next election – I wrote about them here.  On their Facebook page they posted this comment, let me just pull this apart a bit for you: When Ed Husic was sworn in to parliament the regular options […]


Muehlenberg for LCS!

[SOURCE] A big day in Australian politics.  The PM thrown out by her own party and the former PM thrown in.  Really it’s enough to make your head spin. Who should we turn to to work out what’s going on.  Oh, I know, Grandpa Billy. There is really only one bit of commentary which is […]


Senator Joyce Speaks on Marriage Equality

[SOURCE] Senator Barnaby Joyce represents Queensland, and recently stood up in the Senate and delivered this speech to show how backwards Queenslanders are the reasons why he voted against marriage equality. I’m amazed people like Joyce get re-elected. Let me pick this apart for you Senator JOYCE (Queensland—Leader of The Nationals in the Senate) (20:25): This issue […]

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Victorian By-election – Melbourne

The voters in the Melbourne Seat of Melbourne go to the polls this weekend.  It’s really a battle between the Greens and Labor.  The Liberal party didn’t field a candidate. There’s 16 candidates lining up for a crack at the seat.  Others standing include 10 independent candidates, 3 christian type parties and the Sex Party.   […]

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Hockey hates the poor!

[SOURCE] So, would be Treasurer blasts our entitlement attitude.  Too much social welfare! Arsehole. It seems pretty clear to me that this is another swipe at those less able to fend for themselves, find a job, get a start in life, help in their old age, those with a disability and many other ways that […]

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Christian Lobby Claims Queensland Victory

[SOURCE] After a couple of decades of Labor rule in Queensland, the voters have tipped them, well more like ejected them, from office. The Liberal National Party have won and will now run the state of Queensland with absolute authority. (Queensland only has one house, so no checks on power as such) I don’t think […]

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Australian Christians Launch… something

There’s a new political party.  It’s called Australian Christians.  They’re a break away party of the Christian Democratic Party – Fred Nile – right wing whinger. The Australian Christians have this quaint notion that somehow they will get all those little Aussie christians to vote for them.  They estimate that there are 2.7 million christians […]

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Rise Up Australia Has Magic Words!!

[SOURCE] I just love reading what everyone’s hopeful pastor is up to, he regularly posts his activities on the church blog. Dan babes is hoping to get into parliament next time around as part of his new political party called Rise Up Australia – I’ve blogged about it before.  Think about what his written here […]


Keep Australia Australian!

That’s the catch cry of the Rise Up Australia Party.  It’s president is an immigrant from Sri Lanka.  He’s hardly what you’d call your typical bronzed Aussie.  But of course, Pasta Dan isn’t talking about skin  colour when he says keep Australia Australian, he’s talking about keeping the non-christians out.  If you accept the lard […]

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