Christians unite in prayer for countries affected by climate change


What?  Say that again:

Christians unite in prayer for countries affected by climate change

That’s what I thought you said.

Christians around the world have joined in prayer on Sunday for poor countries that are already experiencing the negative effect of climate change.

For over 2000 years christians have prayed for world peace, look how effective that’s been.   This is sure to work!

Around 50 countries, including Australia, signed up to take part in Hope for Creation.

50 countries – that sounds impressive.  World wide?  50 whole countries.  Wait… how many churches in each country?  I bet you don’t want to say.

Participating churches devote a section of their services to climate change.

They devote what?  A section of their service – how does that even work in a useful way?  Perhaps they have the kiddies do an interpretive dance.

Organisers Tearfund said there was an “urgent” need for action on climate change

Tearfund?  Are you serious?  They must be because they use quotes around urgent.

Yes, urgent need for action.  Urgent Action No. 1 – stop consuming.

and that the impact of erratic weather patterns was already having a “devastating” impact on impoverished communities and their livelihoods.

“devastating”, made more devastating with the use of quotes.  Brilliant!  Look how serious they are!

Ben Niblett, Tearfund’s Head of Campaigns, said: “We need world leaders to take ambitious and fair action to tackle climate change and provide the finance needed to help poor people adapt and develop sustainably.

Actually, Ben Nibble-it what we need is for everyone to take ambitious actions, no use relying on the leaders.  You can start by getting off your knees and helping with some money, reducing your carbon foot print and ensuring that all people in the world have access to a decent income.

“Hope for Creation combines the power of prayer, the passion for social justice and the determination to speak out, and demonstrates to the world that the church has a strong and united voice to bring to development issues.”

I’d like someone to define “power of prayer” for me.  A strong voice?  By praying?  Yeah, that’ll show the world how passionate you are for social justice.

The day of prayer comes ahead of UN climate talks in Durban at the end of the month.

Lots of things come ahead of those talks – so?

Tearfund is urging world leaders to be ambitious and secure an agreement on funding to help developing countries mitigate against the impact of climate change.

The only people needing to mitigate against the impact of climate change are the rich consumers in the western world.

Mr Niblett said: “Progress on agreeing a fair climate deal for poor communities has been painfully slow.

Well yes, that’s because you’re not doing anything useful.  At all.

On November 6 we will be praying with thousands of others that the process will pick up pace.

Thousands in the 50 countries, god is bound to prick up his ears on that.

We’re asking for Christians everywhere to join us by praying and speaking up for justice for our global neighbours and for action to protect God’s creation.

Yeah, god clearly needs a nudge to protect his creation, he’s so inattentive.  Praying is about as useful as trying to blow away CO2 .   Deep breaths everyone. purse those lips.. and exhale.

I’m staggered at the arrogance of christians.  Calling for pray to sort out climate change is such a weak cop-out and gives the false impression that christains actually give a toss and makes those on their knees think they are actually achieving something.

What a sad deluded world they live in.

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