Muehlenberg’s Moral Mayhem


I can’t help myself but laugh when I read another dribbling article from defender of the faith, Bill Muehlenberg.  He brings me so much glee.

The fate of a nation’s survival and the state of a nation’s morality are closely intertwined.

Oh?  Says who? Grand statement that means nothing.

Mess with a nation’s morals and you will soon see the end of that nation.

Yeah?  How would you know?  I mean really, it’s another assertion.

The enemies of the West have long recognised this truth.

Just who are the enemy?

As Stalin once put it, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

Stalin is a treat isn’t it.  Random quote used to support the unsupported assertions.

The fate of a nation is intimately tied up with its moral and spiritual condition.

No it’s not.

Modern free and democratic nations especially must recover this truism.

Why?  Because you aren’t getting your own way, therefore everyone else is wrong?

Certainly America’s Founding Fathers fully believed this. As President John Adams stated, “Without virtue, there can be no political liberty.”

So now our society has no virtue?  What a lot of crap you spin Bill.

<SNIP> Cut a lot of useless waffle about the USA </SNIP>

All over the Western world we see the loss of freedom, the curtailment of democracy, the restriction of liberty, and the collapse of prosperity.

All over?  Such as where?  Who has lost their freedom?  How has democracy been curtailed?  Who is restricting the liberty, and what’s the stupid idea that propserity has collapsed.  Which society do you live in?

And at the same time we see the West reaching its highest levels of secularism, immorality, loss of faith, and moral relativism. There is surely a connection here.

No.  Not so.  None of the things you think are happening really are.  We still have a democratically elected government.  You will get caught and jailed if i you murder someone, you can continue to make huge amounts of money, as long as you do it legally.  I think that getting rid of religion has allowed us greater freedom as we’re not restricted to medieval practices, there is greater democracy as we no longer beholden to quaint ideas derived from that crazy bible.  And despite what you may think, the western world isn’t go hungry.

This web site often discusses this connection and provides one example after another of our moral meltdown, our religious implosion, and our steep decline as nations.

Chicken Little

We are foolish in the extreme to omit the moral and spiritual considerations in our nations’ destinies.

Yes, very foolish, our nations’ can’t thrive with this crazy spiritual notions from christian radicals.  Time to keep it in check.

<SNIP>More rubbish</SNIP>

A great example of why the West is sinking big time can be found in a new article I stumbled across today. Mona Charen speaks of our “Moral Abdication”. She rightly states that “The withdrawal from any kind of judgment is yielding a generation of moral cripples.”

She mentions her son’s world history textbook which refused to pass any moral censure on practices such as child sacrifice.

The article in question is talking about the Aztecs and how they killed people in their religious observances.  The history book makes no judgement on the matter.  It’s the way things were in their culture, and the moral judgement has no place in a history class.  You can do that in a ethics class perhaps.  But while people like this Charen person are busily having a go at historians, they avoid their very own bible that must surely need to be judged as morally wrong:


16 When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi.

That’s horrible.  You think your crazy god let this happen.  Innocent children where killed in this story.  That’s just outrageous and you should hold your god accountable because it could have been avoided.  It’d be easy to just tell Herod that the baby jesus died in a donkey shit accident.  Suffocated.  Horrible.

She then discusses a book which recounts the results of a ten year study of a representative sample of Americans aged 18–23. In Lost in Transition: The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood the authors, using in-depth interviews, concluded that “an alarming percentage of young people are highly materialistic, commitment averse, disengaged from political and civic life, sexually irresponsible, often heavily intoxicated, and morally confused. In fact, the authors contend, they lack even the vocabulary to think in moral terms.

The author is Christian Smith.  Smith’s research focuses primarily on religion in modernity, adolescents and emerging adults, sociological theory, American evangelicalism, and culture.  He doesn’t seem too far removed from being a christian radical.

<SNIP>Can’t be bothered</SNIP>

We now have an entire generation of moral pygmies in the West who are unable or unwilling to make any moral judgments

This is just such crap and so condescending and arrogant.

except to judge those who dare to argue for binding universal moral standards.

See above comment

And we wonder why the West is going down the gurgler so rapidly and so thoroughly.

No, only you think that.  I’m rather hopeful for the future of the world.  My little llamas are great – their friends are great.  Your problem, Billy, me old mate, is you think that the only moral compass allowed in the world is yours.  You think you have the only valid truth.

You don’t.

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  1. In conclusion, modernity is the worse place you could possibly be, but Bill’s local church knows how to fix it.