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Millions of muslims are being called to invade Jerusalem on May 15th.  Millions.  Do you know how many that is!

Apparently they’re just going to walk right in, sit right down, baby let your hair hang down.  Everybody’s talking ’bout a new way of walking
Do you want to lose you mind?  Sorry, tragic I know, I should be taking this seriously.   Over at Catch The Fire Ministries Pastor Dan wants us to pray, of course:

Please pray as never before for Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), because if this truly happens, we will see a major war breakout in Israel very soon.

Well, that’s got me convinced.

The information is from Curt Landry of One New Man United, he claims there are Facebook pages and wants to prevent this from happening:

As Israel’s neighbors are calling for her destruction, we are calling for Christians everywhere to take a stand…

Yay!  That’s it, all you christians, get over there to the borders and link arms to prevent the muslims from coming in.  That’s a heck of away to stop a bunch of wandering muslims from getting into Israel.  Good solid action.

…to pray and fast for Israel in the days ahead. In order to facilitate this cause, we have created a group called One New Man United, which will exist as and under a Facebook page in order to raise awareness.

Wait… what?

…to pray and fast for Israel in the days ahead

Oh yeah, that’s gonna work.  The prayers of a billion christians, ably assisted by their hunger, will prevent this!  God will no doubt hear their anguish and will intervene.  Watch the video, it’s sure to convince you.

And a Facebook page is such a proactive action.  Creating a page will no doubt bring you thousands… of dollars, there’s a donate button.

A perceived threat that this christian fuckwad thinks is real, a serious issue for peace in the middle east, and  what does he suggest?  Praying and fasting, and a Facebook page.  The scary part about it is that a million muslims will not walk into Israel on May 15th, they’ll be too busy saying prayers or something to be that organised, let alone the logistics of supporting that many people.  Where are they gonna shit?  Dig a hole in the desert and take a crap…. oh, never mind.  Anyway, no way.  Besides, aren’t you lot suppose to be raptured on May 12th, so what do you care?  May 15th will pass without incident and the people that have fallen for this latest outrageous hoax will think they did it.  They’ll think that their desert dwelling Pixie in Sandalsâ„¢ will convert the muslims and the day will be saved, and everyone will go to heaven.

Will you consider joining us as an effective, unified Body—as One New Man United—lifting up Israel in support through prayer and fasting?

No.  Fuck off.

As usual, christians are asked to do nothing of any practical use at all, against a non-existent threat, so they can pretend they prevented it all from happening.

Praise the Pixie In Sandalsâ„¢.

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