Llama dung

If you eat llama dung you get swine flu, it’s a well know scientific fact.

If you’re a pig in Egypt, expect to be deaded.

If you’re the flu in Israel be prepared to be called Mexican.

If you’re a muslim nutter have a look at this YouTube video.  Is this guy for real?

If you’re a christian – get ready for the second coming of the messer.

If’ your a priest, stick a mask on – and don’t forget you may be interfering with god’s plan by wearing it.  Some churches have even go so far as to order individual packaged wafers and single serve wine cups.

If you’re a sane person, turn the TV off, ignore the articles in the paper, find a music station.  Even if the swine flu is as bad as the predictions make it out to be, the media doesn’t help.  We don’t get facts, we get dumb arse reporters asking inane questions of people under quarantine.  “How are you filling in your day?”  “How do you feel?” “Are you getting better?”  “Do you think its fair to quarantine you?”  Then we get some dumb arsed vision of people wearing masks.

So, I bet there’s lots of prayers being said to stop the spread of the dreaded piggy illness, to those doing the praying, why would your god listen to you, it seems that he isn’t.  If he is and you claim that without your prayers, it’d be worse, why does he discriminate, and on what basis.  Perhaps, you should get off your bended knee and go do something useful, you know, like look after the sick.

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