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Canberra’s Nutters Gather to Protest

[SOURCE] The government in the Australian Capital Territory is about to pass legislation making it legal for same-sex couples to get married in the ACT.  It’s an interesting step for an Australian state to make, although the Federal Government may attempt to override the new laws through the courts. Enter the ACL, those wacky christians […]

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Islamic Peace Conference Fails Because of Jesus, Bernie and Billy

[SOURCE] Sometime recently some religious nutters from the islamic faith held what they called an Islamic Peace Conference in Melbourne.  They invited international speakers and everything!  Some chrisitans were outraged!  How dare the muslims gather to talk about peace?  Everyone knows that they’re all terrorist and will bite the heads off babies just because they […]


Jesus, it’s Allah

[SOURCE] It seems that a bunch of Muslims have decided to build a new mosque right next door to a planned church!  I’m all for it, houses of religion should all be put in the same area.  Throw a synagogue in there too!  Oh and look, it’s our old friend Pasta Danny Nalliah from Catch […]

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Circumcision and The Almighty Ego

[SOURCE] Doctor Booba,  a jewish female doctor has taken the time to comment about male circumcision.  You can already see where this is going to go. Last month a German  Court ruled that circumcision of an infant is wrong and those doing it should be punished.  This was after an 4 year old muslim lad had […]


The Truth at last! There is no god!

There is no god, you best get use to that idea.


Wallace and ANZAC Day 2011

Jim Wallace from the ACL thinks it’s ok to use any cause to further his hatred of gays and muslims. The douche!


Into Battle

[SOURCE] Bill Muehlenberg is a rich source of topics for me.  Plenty of blogs about him.  He’s about as right-wing as they come and actually believes his own shit. He thinks that the world is a battlefield, for god, and he is one of his god’s warriors, out there, knee deep in battle, for the lord! […]

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Blasphemy is crazy shit

[SOURCE] I wrote about the crazy situation in Pakistan here where a woman is to be stoned to death because of some stupid blasphemy charge. Then a Pakistani governor was gunned down by his own body guard because he spoke out against the blasphemy laws. The country has been in uproar!  You’d think that the […]

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People get stoned for blasphemy? That’s crazy shit – those calling to preserve the laws in Pakistan are barbaric muslims that should be roundly criticised for their ignorant beliefs.


Killing people

[SOURCE] Blasphemy is a capital offence in Pakistan. They want to hang a woman because she said bad things about an imaginary god. She’s married. Has 5 children. Her family is in hiding. Why is there even a question about whether or not she deserves the death penalty?  This is stupid, stupid, stupid.  More stupid […]