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The ACL – ultimate Death Cult

[SOURCE] I do love the Australian Cuntian Lobby.  They have such a wonderful way of looking at the world. The call for free abortions expressed in the Sydney Morning Herald on 6 August (Call for free abortions as needy women priced out of procedure) based on the cost of abortions to needy woman demonstrates how […]

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Miriam Grossman talks about giving head

Australia waits for Miriam Grossman to land on our shores to spread her god virus amongst us. She talks about oral sex and throat cancer while in New Zealand doing the rounds.  She’s making big claims that nobody tells anyone the risk of the  human papilloma virus, which may be spread through sexual contact.  The […]

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Noisy ACL Gloat

[SOURCE] Last night’s announcement on overturning surrogacy for same-sex couples and singles in Queensland is because of a grassroots movement of people fed up with a minority agenda driving social policy in Australia. Oh Wally, going straight for the gloat.  Nothing grassroots about it, there has been no mass protest, this came completely out of the blue.  The LNP […]

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Chaplains are real!

[SOURCE] You can spin anything if you want. The High Court of Australia today ruled that the National Chaplaincy Program1was unconstitutional2 The way it’s funded that is. The judges had no problems with the concept of the chaplains not being officers of the Commonwealth, so there is no religious test for them to undertake.  But make no […]

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Jesus Jean the Coffee is Off

Coffee! I love it! I would never buy a coffee from Gloria Jean’s after it has been revealed that they sponsor my mate Wally at the Australian Chruntian Lobby. (The hr in Chruntian is silent).  You can read all about this over at my mate the Gladly the cross eyed bear’s blog.  She’s good, damn […]


Wally Does it Again!

[SOURCE] Earlier in the week our mate Wally was on Sunrise, comparing Kerryn Phelps and the marriage equality campaign to the Nazis.  Read up about this with my bear friend Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear, gay rights activist Michael Barnett on the support website, Aleph and of course the wonderfully delightful Gregory Storer. Then time warp yourself […]

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Muehlenberg says the world’s about to end!

[SOURCE] Billy the Mule’s latest attempt at preventing marriage equality is among the most offensive he’s ever written. Even the title is a language that needs to be shunned, or at the very least snipped from the internet, rolled up in a copy of the bible and force fed to  him.  To suggest that allowing […]

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Christian Lobby Claims Queensland Victory

[SOURCE] After a couple of decades of Labor rule in Queensland, the voters have tipped them, well more like ejected them, from office. The Liberal National Party have won and will now run the state of Queensland with absolute authority. (Queensland only has one house, so no checks on power as such) I don’t think […]

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Human Rights in Iran and Christian Hypocrisy

[SOURCE] I’ve been doing some very ugly research.  It’s been revealing and disturbing.  The interwebs is full of dark places. There’s an Iranian man waiting for execution because he was foolish enough to change from being a muslim to being a christian.  In Iran they will hang you for that. However, the Iranians aren’t hanging people. […]

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Marriage Equality and ACL Shenanigans

[SOURCE] I just love how desperate the Australian Christian Lobby are getting.  The Australian Labor party looks set to change it’s policy about marriage, the change would see marriage equality adopted. The ACL have got 100,000 to sign a petition.  No doubt collected by happy christians who don’t do much questioning about anything at all really. […]

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